Velocity 2.0 is launching on April 24th.
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Actionable metrics for engineering leaders

Velocity turns data from commits, pull requests and code into insights you can lean on and lead with.

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Keep engineering unstuck

Spot risks and bottlenecks early, before they become big problems.

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Visualize your entire engineering process to inspire informed, meaningful conversations.

Hit goals

Track and hit your goals

Improve your team's effectiveness sprint-to-sprint, month-to-month, and quarter-to-quarter.

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Keep every iteration on track

Manage work in progress and track high risk pull requests to keep things moving smoothly


Drive continuous improvement

Make the outputs of retrospectives and one-on-ones actionable with customizable goal setting


Increase the effectiveness of code review

Understand collaboration patterns and optimize code reviews based on your team's values


Quickly catch up on recent activity

Spot unplanned work and offer timely assistance, without unnecessary status updates


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