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The Code Climate Platform Is out of Beta

The Code Climate Platform Is out of Beta


Today we’re excited to announce that the Code Climate Platform is out of beta. When we launched the first open, extensible platform for static analysis back in June of last year, we knew it would take some time to perfect. Since then, we’ve been working hard to add features, fix bugs, support community contributors, and upgrade infrastructure to create a superior experience for developers everywhere.

Our engines-based analysis now offers the key features you’ve come to expect from our “classic” offering, and a lot more, including:

  • Style checks for Ruby, PHP and Python
  • Support for more programming languages like Go, Haskell, JSX, CoffeeScript and SCSS; and frameworks like Ember.js, React and RubyMotion
  • Dependency audits for potential vulnerabilities in your RubyGems and NPM packages
  • Atom editor integration and a CLI to get feedback before you push
  • Improved configurability and tuning options support in .codeclimate.yml(and per-engine config files)
  • Ability to create your own analysis engines using our open source spec and make them available through CodeClimate.com

Already, Code Climate serves tens of thousands of developers. We’re proud to be working with a community of over 100 contributors and members of our Developer Program to provide over 1,800 checks across 20 static analysis engines on our new platform.

Code Climate allows us to incrementally improve and maintain good code hygiene, decreasing the number of defects in our products, and leading to better overall product quality. The Code Climate open platform is a game changer and allows us to build and improve static analysis engines to support our highly complex environment. Andy Blyler, Senior Director of Engineering, Barracuda Networks

For those who gave our engines-based analysis a try soon after launch, in addition to bug fixes you’ll notice a number of key improvements, including:

  • Visibility into the analysis process via our new Builds pages
  • More accurate ratings and GPAs
  • Improved Issues browsing and filtering
  • Better performance for faster results
  • Improved stability from infrastructure upgrades we’ve made behind the scenes

Want to see it for yourself? Take a look!

Start using the Code Climate Platform today

Sign up today to get started with Code Climate for your projects. You’ll get 20% off your first year when you start a new subscription by February 29, using the promo code CCGA2016 at checkout.

For existing customers, just follow these instructions for moving your repositories over to our new engines-based analysis. We’re confident that you’ll find it’s a superior experience to our “classic” offering.

Finally, we recognize that Code Climate is most valuable when you can use it wherever your work. For customers whose ability to host code with third-party services is limited, we recommend Code Climate Enterprise, our on-premise service.

With the new foundation that the Code Climate Platform provides, we’re looking forward to the new opportunities we’ll have to bring you even more functionality. Stay tuned for more big announcements in 2016 (you can follow us on Twitter here).

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