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We 💜 Startups: Get Free Access to Velocity for 45 Days

We 💜 Startups: Get Free Access to Velocity for 45 Days


2020 has been, indisputably, one of the most difficult years for software startups. 72% of startups saw revenue decline, and the number of VC funding rounds has been slashed 44%.

With COVID cases rising and economic uncertainty looming, it’s never been harder for small businesses to acquire and keep customers. Only those who prove must-have value to customers, month after month, will weather this storm and grow during these unprecedented times.

To enable startups to unlock faster innovation and stronger engineering performance, we’re offering qualified companies 45 days of full access to Velocity for free.

With Code Climate’s Engineering Intelligence solution, software leadership has a clear picture of what’s hindering their ability to ship product, including the full impact of COVID on their engineering processes. Velocity helps leaders measure efficiency and output with at-a-glance dashboards synthesized from version control and project management tools.


Leaders are able to see their organization’s throughput over time, based on key activity and outcome metrics. Custom markers enable you to better understand how your team is trending after specific events, like when you made the switch to remote, for example.

To improve innovation, everyone, from board members to business counterparts to engineers, needs to know where you stand and what to do about it. As an organization, you’ll have answers to questions like:

  • How fast are we shipping product? How do we compare to industry standards?
  • How do we motivate efficiency?
  • How do we retain and grow talent?

Hundreds of high-growth startups like Springbuk, Bizzabo and Kickstarter have used Velocity to help see measurable improvement in throughput, innovation, and time to market.

Sign up for 45 days of free access. Or, if you’d like to learn more about how engineering analytics can help your senior leadership team, join us for a free, 45-minute live webinar with Code Climate VP of Engineering, Ale Paredes on Thursday, November 12th at 1pm (EST).





*Qualified participants are startups of 2000 employees or fewer, based in the US, Canada, UK or the EU who utilize a compatible version control system (GitHub, Bitbucket, or GitLab).


Actionable metrics for engineering leaders.

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