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Code Climate Velocity

Comprehensive Insights, Day-One Impact

Code Climate's Software Engineering Intelligence platform, Velocity, empowers leaders at all levels with the critical context and visibility needed to improve everything from efficiency and on-time delivery to code quality and developer retention.

With our free Engineering Insights Report, qualified teams with 100 or more developers will be briefed on our findings and recommendations, and get the benefit of data-driven insight into their team’s performance.

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Actionable Insights from Our Report

Make More Confident Business Decisions

For your customized report, we will ingest a subset of your data, analyze with Code Climate Velocity's AI-powered algorithms, and surface actionable insights that can help you answer critical questions such as:

Spot and resolve recurrent bottlenecks to boost team efficiency.

Employ data-driven insights to give constructive feedback, set targets, and coach your team to excel.

Standardize code review process to remove bias and fairly distribute work and see how you compare to benchmarks.

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Certifications & Partners

Third-Party Verified for Safety

We work with respected security firms, including NCCGroup, to perform expert penetration testing annually. Furthermore, for every release, we perform automated dynamic and static
security scans of our code and infrastructure.

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Thought Leadership

Guide to Visibility and Predictability in Engineering

Learn how an Software Engineering Intelligence (SEI) platform can provide visibility into team performance and enable leaders to boost team health.

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