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Engineering Insights to Improve your Value Stream

With an abundance of tools, stakeholders, and data repositories, the software delivery pipeline is complex. Not only is leadership tasked with optimizing the flow of work through delivery pipelines, but also with quantifying and demonstrating engineering value to the business.

See how Code Climate Velocity provides value stream insights through project management integrations, goal-setting capabilities, and enhanced visibility of software delivery.

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Velocity Features
  • Over 60 metrics out of the box for unparalleled insight into team performance and your delivery pipeline
  • The industry’s most accurate measurements of DORA metrics, contextualized for actionable insights
  • Modules for setting and measuring progress towards key goals
DORA Metrics Illustration

Now, we can view DORA metrics in the context of the other Velocity data, which saves substantial time and provides a really clear picture of our team's performance.

-Joseph Gefroh, VP of Engineering at HealthSherpa

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