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Introducing Issue Exclusion

Have you ever wished you could ignore a specific reported issue, but not the entire check type? Now you can! Our engines-based analysis now lets you configure your analysis to exclude specific issues.

On codeclimate.com, click on the Exclude icon, and select “Ignore this issue”:

Exclude menu

This will open a modal containing all the information needed to update your analysis configuration via your .codeclimate.yml:

Ignore Issue modal

If you’re using the Code Climate CLI, you can find the fingerprints of reported issues by running analysis using the JSON formatter, and grepping for text in the issue you care about:

$ codeclimate analyze -f json | grep -F "CVE-2015-3227"

We’re proud to continue adding ways for you to customize Code Climate’s analysis for your needs, and hope you find this latest addition helpful in your projects.

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