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You can now analyze you a Haskell on Code Climate!

We’re excited to announce that you can now analyze your Haskell code on Code Climate using the Haskell community’s favorite tool, HLint. Our resident Haskell wizard Pat Brisbin started on a Haskell engine before engines really existed, so it’s really fun for us to be able to share this with the world.

Haskell Results

The code for the engine is on GitHub and you can enable it in your Haskell repos using your .codeclimate.yml file:

        enabled: true
      - "**.hs"

To enable on the Code Climate CLI, use the engines:enable CLI command:

    $ brew update && brew upgrade codeclimate
    $ cd ~/my/awesome/app
    $ codeclimate engines:enable hlint

Because HLint is awesome, you’ll even get hints for how to fix your code in our contextual readups. Click on the ‘book’ icon on this page for some examples.

One more thing: HLint on Code Climate is a great way to make contribution management easier for Open Source projects. You can now automatically run HLint against any PRs on your repos, and make your standards enforceable! If you’d like some help with that, drop Mike a line at mrb@codeclimate.com.

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