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Latest Updates to Analysis Engines: January 11 - 17

Not only are we adding new engines all the time (hello, HLint!) we’re also constantly tuning the ones already available. Here’s a quick summary of the most significant tweaks made to our analysis engines in the past week. Of course, all our engines are open source so you can always look at the commit history for all the updates.

gofmt, golint, govet

  • Remediation points updated for consistency with other Code Climate analysis engines.


  • Added configurability of the confidence threshold used by the golint engine, giving you greater ability to customize the results of your golint analysis.


  • Updated default parser to one which is ES6-compatible, reducing setup for anyone using ES6
  • Improved accuracy of reporting and grading complexity issues. Remediation points now scale with the severity of the complexity as specified in the engine configuration.


  • Updated to a newer version of foodcritic
  • Worked with the team at Chef to refine the severity and remediation points for each check

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