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Tailor your Swift

We’re super excited to debut our latest community engine, and our first engine for mobile! Tailor is a static analysis tool and linter that analyzes your Swift code to ensure consistent styling and help avoid bugs. Much thanks to Sleekbyte, creators of Tailor, for seeing the potential in open static analysis and going the extra mile to make their tool available on the Code Climate platform.

Tailor supports Swift 2 out of the box and helps enforce style guidelines outlined in the The Swift Programming Language, GitHub, Ray Wenderlich, and Coursera style guides.

To enable the Tailor engine for your analysis on codeclimate.com or Code Climate Enterprise, find a Blank Space in your .codeclimate.yml configuration file and add the following: ​ ​

        enabled: true

      - "**.swift"

​If you’re running the Code Climate CLI you can enable Tailor with the engines:enable command: ​ ​

    brew update && brew upgrade codeclimate
      cd ~/my/awesome/app
      codeclimate engines:enable tailor

Add Tailor to your analysis, and keep your code Safe & Sound!

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