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Now available: Support for external configurations πŸŽ‡

As a team that works in many different repositories, we know it can be hard to keep your rules for tools like RuboCop & ESLint consistent & up-to-date for all your repos. Which is why we’re very excited to announce support for sharing these files automatically on Code Climate:

  - url: "https://example.com/styleguide/our_rubocop.yml"
    path: ".rubocop.yml"

    enabled: true

With this new prepare configuration option, you can keep your engine configurations in one place (personally, we like to use a centralized styleguide repository) and ensure all of your repos get the same engine configurations when Code Climate analyzes them.

We’ve found this to be very useful when working with multiple repositories, and we think you will too!

You can start using external configuration files today by editing your .codeclimate.yml. For more details please see our doc on Configuring the prepare step.

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