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Test Coverage
# coding=utf-8
Computes next version
import datetime
import logging
import re
import typing

from epab.core import CTX

LOGGER = logging.getLogger('EPAB')

class Tag:
    Represents a basic version tag
    _re_tag = re.compile(r'(?P<calver>\d+\.\d+\.\d+)'

    _re_alpha = re.compile(r'a(?P<quantifier>\d+)\+(?P<branch>.+)')

    def __init__(self, tag_str: str) -> None:
        self._tag_str = tag_str
        self._tag: typing.Optional[typing.Match[str]] = self._re_tag.match(self._tag_str)
        if not self._tag:
            raise ValueError(f'Wrong value for tag string: {self._tag_str}')
            self._tag_match: typing.Match[str] = self._tag
        if self._tag_match.group('alpha'):
            self._alpha_str = self._tag.group('alpha')
            self._is_alpha = True
            self._alpha: typing.Optional[typing.Match[str]] = self._re_alpha.match(self._alpha_str)
            if not self._alpha:
                raise ValueError(f'Wrong value for alpha string: {self._alpha_str}')
                self._alpha_match: typing.Match[str] = self._alpha
            self._alpha_str = ''
            self._is_alpha = False

    def calver(self) -> str:
        Returns: calver part of the tag
        return self._tag_match.group('calver')

    def quantifier(self) -> int:
        Returns: iteration of this calver (number of releases during that day
        return int(self._tag_match.group('quantifier'))

    def branch(self):
        Returns: (only for alpha) branch name
        if not self.is_alpha:
            return ''
        return self._alpha.group('branch')

    def alpha_quantifier(self) -> int:
        Returns: (only for alpha) iteration of the alpha
        if not self.is_alpha:
            return 0
        return int(self._alpha_match.group('quantifier'))

    def is_alpha(self) -> bool:
        Returns: True if this tag is an alpha version
        return self._is_alpha

    def __repr__(self):
        return f'Tag({self._tag_str})'

    def __str__(self):
        return self._tag_str

def _get_datetime() -> datetime.datetime:  # pragma: no cover
    return datetime.datetime.utcnow()

def _get_calver() -> str:
    now = _get_datetime()
    return f'{now.year}.{now.month:02d}.{now.day:02d}'

def _next_stable_version(calver: str, list_of_tags: typing.List[Tag]) -> str:
    next_version_quantifier = 1
    if list_of_tags:
        for tag in list_of_tags:
            if tag.is_alpha:
            next_version_quantifier = max(next_version_quantifier, tag.quantifier + 1)
        return f'{calver}.{next_version_quantifier}'

    return f'{calver}.1'

def _next_alpha_version(next_stable_version: str, list_of_tags: typing.List[Tag]) -> str:
    next_alpha_version_quantifier = 1
    if list_of_tags:
        for tag in list_of_tags:
            if not tag.is_alpha:
            if next_stable_version not in str(tag):
            next_alpha_version_quantifier = max(next_alpha_version_quantifier, tag.alpha_quantifier + 1)
        return f'{next_stable_version}a{next_alpha_version_quantifier}+{CTX.repo.get_current_branch()}'

    return f'{next_stable_version}a1+{CTX.repo.get_current_branch()}'

def _get_current_calver_tags(calver: str) -> typing.List[Tag]:
    return [Tag(tag) for tag in CTX.repo.list_tags(calver)]

def get_next_version() -> str:
    Returns: next version for this Git repository
    LOGGER.info('computing next version')
    should_be_alpha = bool(CTX.repo.get_current_branch() != 'master')
    LOGGER.info('alpha: %s', should_be_alpha)
    calver = _get_calver()
    LOGGER.info('current calver: %s', calver)
    calver_tags = _get_current_calver_tags(calver)
    LOGGER.info('found %s matching tags for this calver', len(calver_tags))
    next_stable_version = _next_stable_version(calver, calver_tags)
    LOGGER.info('next stable version: %s', next_stable_version)
    if should_be_alpha:
        return _next_alpha_version(next_stable_version, calver_tags)

    return next_stable_version