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# Contributing to AXElements

First, let me thank you for wanting to contribute! :)

There are no contributions that are too small. Even if you are only fixing
typos, adding documentation, or some example code. The goal is to make the 
process simple and as painless as possible to encourage contributions.

The best way to submit contributions is through a
[pull request]( on the
[Github page](, though email is
also acceptable if privacy is a concern or Github is too much of hassle.
Emails can be sent to [AXElements](mailto://

Unless otherwise requested, commit history will always be made to reflect
who made the contribution.

## Reporting Bugs

If you think you've found a bug, feel free to log the issue. It is OK to
make a duplicate bug report; such reports will be closed as duplicates
with a pointer to the original issue. Bugs may also be reported through

You may also wish to see if the bug you've reported has already been
fixed or obsoleted on the master branch. Instructions on installing
AXElements from source are in the {file:README.markdown}.

## Code

Try to stick within the existing style. The importance of sticking with
existing style grows linearly with the size of the contribution.

It is preferred that code contributions, whether they are new features or
bug fixes, be accompanied by test(s) showing that the relevant code works.
As with coding style, the importance of tests depends on the size of the
changes you wish to submit.

## Documentation and Examples

As with code, try to fit with the existing style. New examples are always
welcome and the wiki could always use a new article. :)

The documentation in the wiki is open and no permission is required to make
edits or contributions. For API documentation or example code, it is best to
submit a pull request (or create a new wiki page if appropriate).