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import logging
from typing import List, Dict, Tuple

from aw_core.models import Event

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

def merge_events_by_keys(events, keys) -> List[Event]:
    Sums the duration of all events which share a value for a key and returns a new event for each value.

    .. note: The result will be a list of events without timestamp since they are merged.
    # Call recursively until all keys are consumed
    if len(keys) < 1:
        return events
    merged_events: Dict[Tuple, Event] = {}
    for event in events:
        composite_key: Tuple = ()
        for key in keys:
            if key in
                val = event["data"][key]
                # Needed for when the value is a list, such as for categories
                if isinstance(val, list):
                    val = tuple(val)
                composite_key = composite_key + (val,)
        if composite_key not in merged_events:
            merged_events[composite_key] = Event(
                timestamp=event.timestamp, duration=event.duration, data={}
            for key in keys:
                if key in
                    merged_events[composite_key].data[key] =[key]
            merged_events[composite_key].duration += event.duration
    result = []
    for key in merged_events:
    return result