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Line length

For work project should contain pm2 settings file __server.config.json__ with env variables:
Severity: Info
Found in by markdownlint

MD013 - Line length

Tags: line_length

Aliases: line-length Parameters: linelength, codeblocks, tables (number; default 80, boolean; default true)

This rule is triggered when there are lines that are longer than the configured line length (default: 80 characters). To fix this, split the line up into multiple lines.

This rule has an exception where there is no whitespace beyond the configured line length. This allows you to still include items such as long URLs without being forced to break them in the middle.

You also have the option to exclude this rule for code blocks and tables. To do this, set the code_blocks and/or tables parameters to false.

Code blocks are included in this rule by default since it is often a requirement for document readability, and tentatively compatible with code rules. Still, some languages do not lend themselves to short lines.

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