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Cyclomatic complexity is too high in method _do_connect. (6)

    async def _do_connect(self):
        # TODO: extract json request data stuff into mixin?
        request_data = tornado.escape.json_decode(self.request.body)
        connection = request_data['connection']
        pool = AsyncAdapter.make_pool()
Severity: Minor
Found in src/libertem/web/ by radon

Cyclomatic Complexity

Cyclomatic Complexity corresponds to the number of decisions a block of code contains plus 1. This number (also called McCabe number) is equal to the number of linearly independent paths through the code. This number can be used as a guide when testing conditional logic in blocks.

Radon analyzes the AST tree of a Python program to compute Cyclomatic Complexity. Statements have the following effects on Cyclomatic Complexity:

Construct Effect on CC Reasoning
if +1 An if statement is a single decision.
elif +1 The elif statement adds another decision.
else +0 The else statement does not cause a new decision. The decision is at the if.
for +1 There is a decision at the start of the loop.
while +1 There is a decision at the while statement.
except +1 Each except branch adds a new conditional path of execution.
finally +0 The finally block is unconditionally executed.
with +1 The with statement roughly corresponds to a try/except block (see PEP 343 for details).
assert +1 The assert statement internally roughly equals a conditional statement.
Comprehension +1 A list/set/dict comprehension of generator expression is equivalent to a for loop.
Boolean Operator +1 Every boolean operator (and, or) adds a decision point.


Take the required action to fix the issue indicated by this "FIXME" comment.

        # FIXME: don't broadcast, only send to the websocket that matches this HTTP connection
Severity: Major
Found in src/libertem/web/ by sonar-python

FIXME tags are commonly used to mark places where a bug is suspected, but which the developer wants to deal with later.

Sometimes the developer will not have the time or will simply forget to get back to that tag.

This rule is meant to track those tags and to ensure that they do not go unnoticed.

Noncompliant Code Example

def divide(numerator, denominator):
  return numerator / denominator              # FIXME denominator value might be 0


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