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Test Coverage
import React from 'react';
import Table from './Table';

const skills = [
    ['C#', 'Advanced'],
    ['JavaScript', 'Advanced'],
    ['TypeScript', 'Intermediate'],
    ['CSS', 'Basic'],
    ['HTML', 'Intermediate'],
    ['SQL', 'Intermediate'],
    ['.NET Framework', 'Intermediate'],
    ['.NET Core', 'Intermediate'],
    ['ASP.NET Core', 'Intermediate'],
    ['WCF Services', 'Intermediate'],
    ['Windows Services', 'Intermediate'],
    ['SQL Server', 'Intermediate'],
    ['Entity Framework', 'Intermediate'],
    ['Redis', 'Basic'],
    ['Asynchronous Messaging', 'Intermediate'],
    ['IBM MQ', 'Intermediate'],
    ['RabbitMQ', 'Basic'],
    ['gRPC', 'Basic'],
    ['Microsoft Azure', 'Basic'],
    ['Amazon Web Services', 'Basic'],
    ['Azure DevOps', 'Advanced'],
    ['Continuous Integration', 'Advanced'],
    ['Git', 'Intermediate'],
    ['Docker', 'Intermediate'],
    ['Kubernetes', 'Intermediate'],
    ['Node.JS', 'Intermediate'],
    ['GraphQL', 'Basic'],
    ['MongoDB', 'Basic'],
    ['React.JS', 'Advanced'],
    ['React Native', 'Basic'],
    ['Angular', 'Basic'],
    ['Express', 'Basic'],
    ['Mongoose', 'Basic'],
    ['Bootstrap', 'Intermediate'],
    ['Semantic UI', 'Intermediate'],
    ['The art of Googling', 'Advanced'],

const Skills = () => (


                Basic - I have played around with it, read about it, but have not used
                it very often.
                Intermediate - I have decent knowledge about it, used it in a few
                projects and am comfortable with it.
                Advanced - I have extensive knowledge about it, used it in numerous
                projects and am comfortable enough to give a talk about it.

        <Table headers={['Area', 'Proficiency']} rows={skills} />

export default Skills;