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Test Coverage
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#: ../../../AUTHORS.rst:3
msgid "Authors & Acknowledgements"
msgstr ""

#: ../../../AUTHORS.rst:6
msgid "Authors"
msgstr ""

#: ../../../AUTHORS.rst:8
msgid "Tabbycat was authored by Qi-Shan Lim for Auckland Australs 2010. The current active maintainers are:"
msgstr ""

#: ../../../AUTHORS.rst:10
msgid "Philip Belesky (`pb-e-mail <>`_)"
msgstr ""

#: ../../../AUTHORS.rst:11
msgid "Chuan-Zheng Lee (`cz-e-mail <>`_)"
msgstr ""

#: ../../../AUTHORS.rst:13
msgid "Please don't hesitate to contact us with any suggestions, expressions of interest or generally anything relating to Tabbycat."
msgstr ""

#: ../../../AUTHORS.rst:16
msgid "Contributors"
msgstr ""

#: ../../../AUTHORS.rst:18
msgid "√Čtienne Beaul√© has contributed many features, fixes, and suggestions across many aspects of Tabbycat."
msgstr ""

#: ../../../AUTHORS.rst:19
msgid "Thevesh Theva contributed the algorithm for calculating the liveness of teams within a particular break category."
msgstr ""

#: ../../../AUTHORS.rst:20
msgid "Viran Weerasekera contributed the statistical tests used to estimate the degree to which a motion's results and vetoes are balanced."
msgstr ""

#: ../../../AUTHORS.rst:21
msgid "Viran Weerasekera, Valerie Tierney, Molly Dale, Madeline Schultz, and Vail Bromberger contributed to the \"Tournament Logistics\" section of our documentation."
msgstr ""

#: ../../../AUTHORS.rst:24
msgid "Sponsors"
msgstr ""

#: ../../../AUTHORS.rst:26
msgid "Thanks to the Western Australian Debating League for sponsoring various features related to organising division-based tournaments and round-robin based draw methods."
msgstr ""