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Test Coverage

if (defined('MAIN_DEFINED')) {
define('MAIN_DEFINED', true);

define('_MD_ERROR', 'Error');
//define('_MD_NOPOSTS', 'No Posts');
//define('_MD_GO', 'Go');
define('_MD_SELFORUM', 'Select a Forum');

define('_MD_THIS_FILE_WAS_ATTACHED_TO_THIS_POST', 'Attached file:');
define('_MD_ALLOWED_EXTENSIONS', 'Allowed extensions');
define('_MD_MAX_FILESIZE', 'Maxium file size');
define('_MD_ATTACHMENT', 'Attach file');
define('_MD_FILESIZE', 'Size');
define('_MD_HITS', 'Hits');
define('_MD_GROUPS', 'Groups:');
define('_MD_DEL_ONE', 'Delete only this post');
define('_MD_DEL_RELATED', 'Delete all posts in this topic');
define('_MD_MARK_ALL_FORUMS', 'Mark all forums');
define('_MD_MARK_ALL_TOPICS', 'Mark all topics');
define('_MD_MARK_UNREAD', 'unread');
define('_MD_MARK_READ', 'read');
define('_MD_ALL_FORUM_MARKED', 'All forums marked');
define('_MD_ALL_TOPIC_MARKED', 'All topics marked');
define('_MD_BOARD_DISCLAIMER', 'Board Disclaimer');

define('_MD_ADMINCP', 'Admin CP');
define('_MD_FORUM', 'Forum');
define('_MD_WELCOME', 'Welcome to %s Forum.');
define('_MD_TOPICS', 'Topics');
define('_MD_POSTS', 'Posts');
define('_MD_DIGESTS', 'Digests');
define('_MD_LASTPOST', 'Last Post');
define('_MD_MODERATOR', 'Moderator');
define('_MD_NEWPOSTS', 'New posts');
define('_MD_NONEWPOSTS', 'No new posts');
define('_MD_PRIVATEFORUM', 'Inactiv Forum');
define('_MD_BY', 'by'); // Posted by
define('_MD_TOSTART', 'To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the list below.');
define('_MD_TOTALTOPICSC', 'Total Topics: ');
define('_MD_TOTALPOSTSC', 'Total Posts: ');
define('_MD_TOTALUSER', 'Total Users: ');
define('_MD_TIMENOW', 'The time now is %s');
define('_MD_USER_LASTVISIT', 'Your last visit: %s');

define('_MD_USER_LASTPOST', 'Your last post: %s');
define('_MD_USER_NOLASTPOST', 'You have not posted yet');
define('_MD_USER_TOPICS', 'Your Topics: ');
define('_MD_USER_POSTS', 'Posts: ');
define('_MD_USER_DIGESTS', 'Digests: ');

define('_MD_VIEW_NEWPOSTS', 'View New Posts');

define('_MD_ADVSEARCH', 'Advanced Search');
define('_MD_POSTEDON', 'Posted on: ');
define('_MD_SUBJECT', 'Subject');
define('_MD_INACTIVEFORUM_NEWPOSTS', 'Inactive forum with new posts');
define('_MD_INACTIVEFORUM_NONEWPOSTS', 'Inactive forum without new posts');
define('_MD_SUBFORUMS', 'Subforums');
define('_MD_MAINFORUMOPT', 'Main Options');
define('_MD_PENDING_POSTS_FOR_AUTH', 'Posts pending approval:');

define('_MD_TODAYTOPICSC', 'Today Topics: ');
define('_MD_TODAYPOSTSC', 'Today Posts: ');
define('_MD_TOTALDIGESTSC', 'Total Digests: ');

define('_MD_MODERATEDBY', 'Moderated by');
define('_MD_SEARCH', 'Search');
//define('_MD_SEARCHRESULTS', 'Search Results');
define('_MD_FORUMINDEX', '%s Forum Index');
define('_MD_POSTNEW', 'New Topic');
define('_MD_REGTOPOST', 'Register To Post');

define('_MD_SEARCHALLFORUMS', 'Search All Forums');
define('_MD_FORUMC', 'Forum');
define('_MD_AUTHORC', 'Autor:');
define('_MD_SORTBY', 'Sort by');
define('_MD_DATE', 'Date');
define('_MD_TOPIC', 'Topic');
define('_MD_POST2', 'Post');
define('_MD_USERNAME', 'Username');
define('_MD_BODY', 'Body');
define('_MD_SINCE', 'Since');

define('_MD_REPLIES', 'Replies');
define('_MD_POSTER', 'Poster');
define('_MD_VIEWS', 'Views');
define('_MD_MORETHAN', 'New posts [ Popular ]');
define('_MD_MORETHAN2', 'No New posts [ Popular ]');
define('_MD_TOPICSHASATT', 'Topic has Attachments');
define('_MD_TOPICHASPOLL', 'Topic has a Poll');
define('_MD_TOPICLOCKED', 'Topic is Locked');
define('_MD_LEGEND', 'Legend');
define('_MD_NEXTPAGE', 'Next Page');
define('_MD_SORTEDBY', 'Sorted by');
define('_MD_TOPICTITLE', 'topic title');
define('_MD_NUMBERREPLIES', 'number of replies');
define('_MD_TOPICPOSTER', 'topic poster');
define('_MD_TOPICTIME', 'Publish time');
define('_MD_LASTPOSTTIME', 'last post time');
define('_MD_ASCENDING', 'Ascending order');
define('_MD_DESCENDING', 'Descending order');
define('_MD_FROMLASTHOURS', 'From last %s hours');
define('_MD_FROMLASTDAYS', 'From last %s days');
define('_MD_THELASTYEAR', 'From the last year');
define('_MD_BEGINNING', 'From the beginning');
define('_MD_SEARCHTHISFORUM', 'Search This Forum');
define('_MD_TOPIC_SUBJECTC', 'Topic Prefix:');

define('_MD_RATINGS', 'Ratings');
define('_MD_CAN_ACCESS', 'You <strong>can</strong> access the forum.<br>');
define('_MD_CANNOT_ACCESS', 'You <strong>cannot</strong> access the forum.<br>');
define('_MD_CAN_POST', 'You <strong>can</strong> start a new topic.<br>');
define('_MD_CANNOT_POST', 'You <strong>cannot</strong> start a new topic.<br>');
define('_MD_CAN_VIEW', 'You <strong>can</strong> view topic.<br>');
define('_MD_CANNOT_VIEW', 'You <strong>cannot</strong> view topic.<br>');
define('_MD_CAN_REPLY', 'You <strong>can</strong> reply to posts.<br>');
define('_MD_CANNOT_REPLY', 'You <strong>cannot</strong> reply to posts.<br>');
define('_MD_CAN_EDIT', 'You <strong>can</strong> edit your posts.<br>');
define('_MD_CANNOT_EDIT', 'You <strong>cannot</strong> edit your posts.<br>');
define('_MD_CAN_DELETE', 'You <strong>can</strong> delete your posts.<br>');
define('_MD_CANNOT_DELETE', 'You <strong>cannot</strong> delete your posts.<br>');
define('_MD_CAN_ADDPOLL', 'You <strong>can</strong> add new polls.<br>');
define('_MD_CANNOT_ADDPOLL', 'You <strong>cannot</strong> add new polls.<br>');
define('_MD_CAN_VOTE', 'You <strong>can</strong> vote in polls.<br>');
define('_MD_CANNOT_VOTE', 'You <strong>cannot</strong> vote in polls.<br>');
define('_MD_CAN_ATTACH', 'You <strong>can</strong> attach files to posts.<br>');
define('_MD_CANNOT_ATTACH', 'You <strong>cannot</strong> attach files to posts.<br>');
define('_MD_CAN_NOAPPROVE', 'You <strong>can</strong> post without approval.<br>');
define('_MD_CANNOT_NOAPPROVE', 'You <strong>cannot</strong> post without approval.<br>');
define('_MD_CAN_TYPE', 'You <strong>can</strong> use topic type.<br>');
define('_MD_CANNOT_TYPE', 'You <strong>cannot</strong> use topic type.<br>');
define('_MD_CAN_HTML', 'You <strong>can</strong> use HTML syntax.<br>');
define('_MD_CANNOT_HTML', 'You <strong>cannot</strong> use HTML syntax.<br>');
define('_MD_CAN_UPLOAD', 'You <strong>can</strong> upload.<br>');
define('_MD_CANNOT_UPLOAD', 'You <strong>cannot</strong> upload.<br>');
define('_MD_CAN_SIGNATURE', 'You <strong>can</strong> use signature.<br>');
define('_MD_CANNOT_SIGNATURE', 'You <strong>cannot</strong> use signature.<br>');

define('_MD_IMTOPICS', 'Important Topics');
define('_MD_NOTIMTOPICS', 'Forum Topics');
define('_MD_FORUMOPTION', 'Forum options');

define('_MD_VAUP', 'View all unreplied posts');
define('_MD_VANP', 'View all new posts');

define('_MD_UNREPLIED', 'unreplied topics');
define('_MD_UNREAD', 'unread topics');
define('_MD_ALL', 'all topics');
define('_MD_ALLPOSTS', 'all posts');
define('_MD_VIEW', 'View');

define('_MD_AUTHOR', 'Author');
define('_MD_LOCKTOPIC', 'Lock this topic');
define('_MD_UNLOCKTOPIC', 'Unlock this topic');
define('_MD_UNSTICKYTOPIC', 'Make this topic UnSticky');
define('_MD_STICKYTOPIC', 'Make this topic Sticky');
define('_MD_DIGESTTOPIC', 'Make this topic as Digest');
define('_MD_UNDIGESTTOPIC', 'Make this topic as UnDigest');
define('_MD_MERGETOPIC', 'Merge this topic');
define('_MD_MOVETOPIC', 'Move this topic');
define('_MD_DELETETOPIC', 'Delete this topic');
define('_MD_TOP', 'Top');
define('_MD_BOTTOM', 'Bottom');
define('_MD_PREVTOPIC', 'Previous Topic');
define('_MD_NEXTTOPIC', 'Next Topic');
define('_MD_GROUP', 'Group:');
define('_MD_QUICKREPLY', 'Quick Reply');
define('_MD_POSTREPLY', 'Post Reply');
define('_MD_PRINTTOPICS', 'Print Topic');
define('_MD_PRINT', 'Print');
define('_MD_REPORT', 'Report');
define('_MD_PM', 'PM');
define('_MD_EMAIL', 'Email');
define('_MD_WWW', 'WWW');
define('_MD_AIM', 'AIM');
define('_MD_YIM', 'YIM');
define('_MD_MSNM', 'MSNM');
define('_MD_ICQ', 'ICQ');
define('_MD_PRINT_TOPIC_LINK', 'URL for this discussion');
define('_MD_ADDTOLIST', 'Add to your Contact List');
define('_MD_TOPICOPT', 'Topic options');
define('_MD_VIEWMODE', 'View mode');
define('_MD_NEWEST', 'Newest First');
define('_MD_OLDEST', 'Oldest First');

define('_MD_FORUMSEARCH', 'Search Forum');

define('_MD_RATED', 'Rated:');
define('_MD_RATE', 'Rate Thread');
define('_MD_RATEDESC', 'Rate this Thread');
define('_MD_RATING', 'Vote now');
define('_MD_RATE1', 'Terrible');
define('_MD_RATE2', 'Bad');
define('_MD_RATE3', 'Average');
define('_MD_RATE4', 'Good');
define('_MD_RATE5', 'Excellent');

define('_MD_TOPICOPTION', 'Topic options');
define('_MD_KARMA_REQUIREMENT', 'Your personal karm %s does not reach the required karma %s. <br> Please try later.');
define('_MD_REPLY_REQUIREMENT', 'To view this post, you must login and reply first.');
define('_MD_TOPICOPTIONADMIN', 'Topic Admin options');
define('_MD_POLLOPTIONADMIN', 'Poll Admin options');

define('_MD_EDITPOLL', 'Edit this Poll');
define('_MD_DELETEPOLL', 'Delete this Poll');
define('_MD_RESTARTPOLL', 'Restart this Poll');
define('_MD_ADDPOLL', 'Add Poll');

define('_MD_QUICKREPLY_EMPTY', 'Enter a quick reply here');

define('_MD_LEVEL', 'Level :');
define('_MD_HP', 'HP :');
define('_MD_MP', 'MP :');
define('_MD_EXP', 'EXP :');

define('_MD_BROWSING', 'Browsing this Thread:');
define('_MD_POSTTONEWS', 'Send this post to a news Story');

define('_MD_EXCEEDTHREADVIEW', 'Post count exceeds the threshold for thread mode<br>Changing to flat mode');

//define('_MD_PRIVATE', 'This is a <strong>Private</strong> forum.<br>Only users with special access can post new topics and replies to this forum');
define('_MD_QUOTE', 'Quote');
define('_MD_VIEW_REQUIRE', 'View requirements');
define('_MD_REQUIRE_KARMA', 'Karma');
define('_MD_REQUIRE_REPLY', 'Reply');
define('_MD_REQUIRE_NULL', 'No requirement');

define('_MD_SELECT_FORMTYPE', 'Select your desired form type');

define('_MD_FORM_COMPACT', 'Compact');
define('_MD_FORM_DHTML', 'DHTML');
define('_MD_FORM_SPAW', 'Spaw Editor');
define('_MD_FORM_HTMLAREA', 'HTMLArea');
define('_MD_FORM_FCK', 'FCK Editor');
define('_MD_FORM_KOIVI', 'Koivi Editor');
define('_MD_FORM_TINYMCE', 'TinyMCE Editor');

// ERROR messages
define('_MD_ERRORFORUM', 'ERROR: Forum not selected!');
define('_MD_ERRORPOST', 'ERROR: Post not selected!');
define('_MD_NORIGHTTOVIEW', 'You don\'t have the right to view this topic.');
define('_MD_NORIGHTTOPOST', 'You don\'t have the right to post in this forum.');
define('_MD_NORIGHTTOEDIT', 'You don\'t have the right to edit in this forum.');
define('_MD_NORIGHTTOREPLY', 'You don\'t have the right to reply in this forum.');
define('_MD_NORIGHTTOACCESS', 'You don\'t have the right to access this forum.');
define('_MD_ERRORTOPIC', 'ERROR: Topic not selected!');
define('_MD_ERRORCONNECT', 'ERROR: Could not connect to the forums database.');
define('_MD_ERROREXIST', 'ERROR: The forum you selected does not exist. Please go back and try again.');
define('_MD_ERROROCCURED', 'An Error Occured');
define('_MD_COULDNOTQUERY', 'Could not query the forums database.');
define('_MD_FORUMNOEXIST', 'Error - The forum/topic you selected does not exist. Please go back and try again.');
define('_MD_USERNOEXIST', 'That user does not exist.  Please go back and search again.');
define('_MD_COULDNOTREMOVE', 'Error - Could not remove posts from the database!');
define('_MD_COULDNOTREMOVETXT', 'Error - Could not remove post texts!');
define('_MD_TIMEISUP', 'Your have reach the timelimit for editing your post.');
define('_MD_TIMEISUPDEL', 'Your have reach the timelimit for deleting your post.');

define('_MD_ON', 'on'); //Posted on
define('_MD_USERWROTE', '%s wrote:'); // %s is username
define('_MD_RE', 'Re');

define('_MD_EDITNOTALLOWED', 'You\'re not allowed to edit this post!');
define('_MD_EDITEDBY', 'Edited by');
define('_MD_ANONNOTALLOWED', 'Anonymous users are not allowed to post.<br>Please register.');
define('_MD_THANKSSUBMIT', 'Thanks for your submission!');
define('_MD_REPLYPOSTED', 'A reply to your topic has been posted.');
define('_MD_HELLO', 'Hello %s,');
define('_MD_URRECEIVING', 'You are receiving this email because a message you posted on %s forums has been replied to.'); // %s is your site name
define('_MD_CLICKBELOW', 'Click on the link below to view the thread:');
define('_MD_WAITFORAPPROVAL', 'Thank you. Your post will be approved before publication.');
define('_MD_POSTING_LIMITED', 'Why not take a break and come back in %d sec');

define('_MD_NAMEMAIL', 'Name/Email:');
define('_MD_LOGOUT', 'Logout');
define('_MD_REGISTER', 'Register');
define('_MD_SUBJECTC', 'Subject:');
define('_MD_MESSAGEICON', 'Message Icon:');
define('_MD_MESSAGEC', 'Message:');
define('_MD_ALLOWEDHTML', 'Allowed HTML:');
define('_MD_OPTIONS', 'Options:');
define('_MD_POSTANONLY', 'Post Anonymously');
define('_MD_DOSMILEY', 'Enable Smiley');
define('_MD_DOXCODE', 'Enable Xoops Code');
define('_MD_DOBR', 'Enable line break (Suggest to turn off if HTML enabled)');
define('_MD_DOHTML', 'Enable html tags');
define('_MD_NEWPOSTNOTIFY', 'Notify me of new posts in this thread');
define('_MD_ATTACHSIG', 'Attach Signature');
define('_MD_POST', 'Post');
define('_MD_SUBMIT', 'Submit');
define('_MD_CANCELPOST', 'Cancel Post');
define('_MD_REMOVE', 'Remove');
define('_MD_UPLOAD', 'Upload');

// forumuserpost.php
define('_MD_ADD', 'Add');
define('_MD_REPLY', 'Reply');

// topicmanager.php
define('_MD_VIEWTHETOPIC', 'View the topic');
define('_MD_RETURNTOTHEFORUM', 'Return to the forum');
define('_MD_RETURNFORUMINDEX', 'Return to the forum index');
define('_MD_ERROR_BACK', 'Error - Please go back and try again.');
define('_MD_GOTONEWFORUM', 'View the updated topic');

define('_MD_TOPICDELETE', 'The topic has been deleted.');
define('_MD_TOPICMERGE', 'The topic has been merged.');
define('_MD_TOPICMOVE', 'The topic has been moved.');
define('_MD_TOPICLOCK', 'The topic has been locked.');
define('_MD_TOPICUNLOCK', 'The topic has been unlocked.');
define('_MD_TOPICSTICKY', 'The topic has been Stickyed.');
define('_MD_TOPICUNSTICKY', 'The topic has been unStickyed.');
define('_MD_TOPICDIGEST', 'The topic has been Digested.');
define('_MD_TOPICUNDIGEST', 'The topic has been unDigested.');

define('_MD_DELETE', 'Delete');
define('_MD_MOVE', 'Move');
define('_MD_MERGE', 'Merge');
define('_MD_LOCK', 'Lock');
define('_MD_UNLOCK', 'unLock');
define('_MD_STICKY', 'Sticky');
define('_MD_UNSTICKY', 'unSticky');
define('_MD_DIGEST', 'Digest');
define('_MD_UNDIGEST', 'unDigest');

define('_MD_DESC_DELETE', 'Once you press the delete button at the bottom of this form the topic you have selected, and all its related posts, will be <strong>permanently</strong> removed.');
define('_MD_DESC_MOVE', 'Once you press the move button at the bottom of this form the topic you have selected, and its related posts, will be moved to the forum you have selected.');
define('_MD_DESC_MERGE', 'Once you press the merge button at the bottom of this form the topic you have selected, and its related posts, will be merged to the topic you have selected.<br><strong>The destination topic ID must be smaller than current one</strong>.');
define('_MD_DESC_LOCK', 'Once you press the lock button at the bottom of this form the topic you have selected will be locked. You may unlock it at a later time if you like.');
define('_MD_DESC_UNLOCK', 'Once you press the unlock button at the bottom of this form the topic you have selected will be unlocked. You may lock it again at a later time if you like.');
define('_MD_DESC_STICKY', 'Once you press the Sticky button at the bottom of this form the topic you have selected will be Stickyed. You may unSticky it again at a later time if you like.');
define('_MD_DESC_UNSTICKY', 'Once you press the unSticky button at the bottom of this form the topic you have selected will be unStickyed. You may Sticky it again at a later time if you like.');
define('_MD_DESC_DIGEST', 'Once you press the Digest button at the bottom of this form the topic you have selected will be Digested. You may unDigest it again at a later time if you like.');
define('_MD_DESC_UNDIGEST', 'Once you press the unDigest button at the bottom of this form the topic you have selected will be unDigested. You may Digest it again at a later time if you like.');

define('_MD_MERGETOPICTO', 'Merge Topic To:');
define('_MD_MOVETOPICTO', 'Move Topic To:');
define('_MD_NOFORUMINDB', 'No Forums in DB');

// delete.php
define('_MD_DELNOTALLOWED', 'Sorry, but you\'re not allowed to delete this post.');
define('_MD_AREUSUREDEL', 'Are you sure you want to delete this post and all its child posts?');
define('_MD_POSTSDELETED', 'Selected post and all its child posts deleted.');
define('_MD_POSTDELETED', 'Selected post deleted.');

// definitions moved from global.
define('_MD_THREAD', 'Thread');
define('_MD_FROM', 'From');
define('_MD_JOINED', 'Joined');
define('_MD_ONLINE', 'Online');
define('_MD_OFFLINE', 'Offline');
define('_MD_FLAT', 'Flat');

// online.php
define('_MD_USERS_ONLINE', 'Users Online:');
define('_MD_ANONYMOUS_USERS', 'Anonymous Users');
define('_MD_REGISTERED_USERS', 'Registered Users: ');
define('_MD_BROWSING_FORUM', 'Users browsing forum');
define('_MD_TOTAL_ONLINE', 'Total %d Users Online.');
define('_MD_ADMINISTRATOR', 'Administrator');

define('_MD_NO_SUCH_FILE', 'File not exist!');
//define('_MD_ERROR_UPATEATTACHMENT', 'Error occur when updating attachment');

// ratethread.php
define('_MD_CANTVOTEOWN', 'You cannot vote on the topic you submitted.<br>All votes are logged and reviewed.');
define('_MD_VOTEONCE', 'Please do not vote for the same topic more than once.');
define('_MD_VOTEAPPRE', 'Your vote is appreciated.');
define('_MD_THANKYOU', 'Thank you for taking the time to vote here at %s'); // %s is your site name
define('_MD_VOTES', 'Votes');
define('_MD_NOVOTERATE', 'You did not rate this Topic');

// polls.php
define('_MD_POLL_DBUPDATED', 'Database Updated Successfully!');
define('_MD_POLL_POLLCONF', 'Polls Configuration');
define('_MD_POLL_POLLSLIST', 'Polls List');
define('_MD_POLL_AUTHOR', 'Author of this poll');
define('_MD_POLL_DISPLAYBLOCK', 'Display in block?');
define('_MD_POLL_POLLQUESTION', 'Poll Question');
define('_MD_POLL_VOTERS', 'Total voters');
define('_MD_POLL_VOTES', 'Total votes');
define('_MD_POLL_EXPIRATION', 'Expiration');
define('_MD_POLL_EXPIRED', 'Expired');
define('_MD_POLL_VIEWLOG', 'View log');
define('_MD_POLL_CREATNEWPOLL', 'Create new poll');
define('_MD_POLL_POLLDESC', 'Poll description');
define('_MD_POLL_DISPLAYORDER', 'Display order');
define('_MD_POLL_ALLOWMULTI', 'Allow multiple selections?');
define('_MD_POLL_NOTIFY', 'Notify the poll author when expired?');
define('_MD_POLL_POLLOPTIONS', 'Options');
define('_MD_POLL_EDITPOLL', 'Edit poll');
define('_MD_POLL_FORMAT', 'Format: yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss');
define('_MD_POLL_CURRENTTIME', 'Current time is %s');
define('_MD_POLL_EXPIREDAT', 'Expired at %s');
define('_MD_POLL_RESTART', 'Restart this poll');
define('_MD_POLL_ADDMORE', 'Add more options');
define('_MD_POLL_RUSUREDEL', 'Are you sure you want to delete this poll and all its comments?');
define('_MD_POLL_RESTARTPOLL', 'Restart poll');
define('_MD_POLL_RESET', 'Reset all logs for this poll?');
define('_MD_POLL_ADDPOLL', 'Add Poll');
define('_MD_POLLMODULE_ERROR', 'xoopspoll module not available for use');
define('_MD_VIEW_LOG', 'View Log');
define('_MD_LOG_NOT_IMPLEMENTED', 'Sorry, not yet');
define('_MD_LOG_XOOPSPOLL_ADMIN_REDIRECT', 'Redirecting to Xoopspoll Administration');

define('_MD_REPORTED', 'Thank you for reporting this post/thread! A moderator will look into your report shortly.');
define('_MD_REPORT_ERROR', 'Error occured while sending the report.');
define('_MD_REPORT_TEXT', 'Report message:');

define('_MD_PDF', 'Create PDF from Post');
define('_MD_PDF_PAGE', 'Page %s');

define('_MD_COMEFROM', 'This Post was from:');

define('_MD_VIEWALLPOSTS', 'All Posts');
define('_MD_VIEWTOPIC', 'Topic');
define('_MD_VIEWFORUM', 'Forum');

define('_MD_COMPACT', 'Compact');

define('_MD_MENU_SELECT', 'Selection');
define('_MD_MENU_HOVER', 'Hover');
define('_MD_MENU_CLICK', 'Click');

define('_MD_WELCOME_SUBJECT', '%s has joined the forum');
define('_MD_WELCOME_MESSAGE', 'Hi, %s has joined you. Let\'s start ...');

define('_MD_VIEWNEWPOSTS', 'View new posts');

define('_MD_INVALID_SUBMIT', 'Invalid submission. You could have exceeded session time. Please re-submit or make a backup of your post and login to resubmit if necessary.');

define('_MD_ACCOUNT', 'Account');
define('_MD_NAME', 'Name');
define('_MD_PASSWORD', 'Password');
define('_MD_LOGIN', 'Login');

define('_MD_TRANSFER', 'Transfer');
define('_MD_TRANSFER_DESC', 'Transfer the post to other applications');
define('_MD_TRANSFER_DONE', 'The action is done successully: %s');

define('_MD_APPROVE', 'Approve');
define('_MD_RESTORE', 'Restore');
define('_MD_SPLIT_ONE', 'Split');
define('_MD_SPLIT_TREE', 'Split all children');
define('_MD_SPLIT_ALL', 'Split all');

define('_MD_TYPE_ADMIN', 'Admin mode');
define('_MD_TYPE_VIEW', 'View mode');
define('_MD_TYPE_PENDING', 'Pending');
define('_MD_TYPE_DELETED', 'Deleted');
define('_MD_TYPE_SUSPEND', 'Suspension');

define('_MD_DBUPDATED', 'Database Updated Successfully!');

define('_MD_SUSPEND_SUBJECT', 'User %s is suspended for %d days');
define('_MD_SUSPEND_TEXT', 'User %s is suspended for %d days due to:<br>[quote]%s[/quote]<br><br>The suspension is valid till %s');
define('_MD_SUSPEND_UID', 'User ID');
define('_MD_SUSPEND_IP', 'IP segments (full or segments)');
define('_MD_SUSPEND_DURATION', 'Suspension duration (Days)');
define('_MD_SUSPEND_DESC', 'Suspension reason');
define('_MD_SUSPEND_LIST', 'Suspension list');
define('_MD_SUSPEND_START', 'Start');
define('_MD_SUSPEND_EXPIRE', 'End');
define('_MD_SUSPEND_SCOPE', 'Scope');
define('_MD_SUSPEND_MANAGEMENT', 'Moderation management');
define('_MD_SUSPEND_NOACCESS', 'Your ID or IP has been suspended');

define('_MD_NEWBB_TYPE', 'Topic type');

//define("_MD_NEWBB_TAG", "Tag");
// !!IMPORTANT!! insert '\' before any char among reserved chars: "a", "A", "B", "c", "d", "D", "F", "g", "G", "h", "H", "i", "I", "j", "l", "L", "m", "M", "n", "O", "r", "s", "S", "t", "T", "U", "w", "W", "Y", "y", "z", "Z"
// insert double '\' before 't', 'r', 'n'
define('_MD_TODAY', '\T\o\d\a\y G:i:s');
define('_MD_YESTERDAY', '\Y\e\s\\t\e\\r\d\a\y G:i:s');
define('_MD_MONTHDAY', 'n/j G:i:s');
define('_MD_YEARMONTHDAY', 'Y/n/j G:i');