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Rakefile bug fixed. Due to removing guides #190
15482f7b6361b463ea4b113d5a502400Sameer Rahmani authored d12abdb8
An engine encountered an error
E10 Error

We had trouble running the bundler-audit engine.

The engine's output shown below may indicate the cause of the error.

If not, please contact us so we can investigate further.

git clone
codeclimate validate-config
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codeclimate validate-config
WARNING: 'engines' has been deprecated, please use 'plugins' instead
WARNING: 'exclude_paths' has been deprecated, please use 'exclude_patterns' instead
WARNING: 'languages' has been deprecated, and will not be used
codeclimate prepare
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codeclimate prepare
builder pull-engines
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determining required images
docker pull
b84: Pulling from codeclimate/codeclimate-csslint
1160f4abea84: Pulling fs layer
a3ed95caeb02: Pulling fs layer
3ec5cae38735: Pulling fs layer
8936ea0e8ba7: Pulling fs layer
94a9aff34d5e: Pulling fs layer
8d0399ee02d4: Pulling fs layer
4dfde3fb5720: Pulling fs layer
96be06cb94ee: Pulling fs layer
3ec5cae38735: Waiting
4dfde3fb5720: Waiting
8936ea0e8ba7: Waiting
94a9aff34d5e: Waiting
8d0399ee02d4: Waiting
96be06cb94ee: Waiting
a3ed95caeb02: Verifying Checksum
a3ed95caeb02: Download complete
1160f4abea84: Verifying Checksum
1160f4abea84: Download complete
1160f4abea84: Pull complete
94a9aff34d5e: Verifying Checksum
94a9aff34d5e: Download complete
a3ed95caeb02: Pull complete
8d0399ee02d4: Verifying Checksum
8d0399ee02d4: Download complete
3ec5cae38735: Verifying Checksum
3ec5cae38735: Download complete
8936ea0e8ba7: Verifying Checksum
8936ea0e8ba7: Download complete
96be06cb94ee: Download complete
4dfde3fb5720: Verifying Checksum
4dfde3fb5720: Download complete
3ec5cae38735: Pull complete
8936ea0e8ba7: Pull complete
94a9aff34d5e: Pull complete
8d0399ee02d4: Pull complete
4dfde3fb5720: Pull complete
96be06cb94ee: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:20ce00b71ed8952203f7bb71051aec98bc5e156bcaf474bac3a23c54e8567bed
Status: Downloaded newer image for
docker pull
b100: Pulling from codeclimate/codeclimate-coffeelint
f5f17db9ef7c: Pulling fs layer
b323df73e6c4: Pulling fs layer
0fabb5fa5487: Pulling fs layer
a3ed95caeb02: Pulling fs layer
4c51dc5333dc: Pulling fs layer
b45cf5473053: Pulling fs layer
9cf0f0948c7f: Pulling fs layer
0dd06d93c4d1: Pulling fs layer
92e194e6c2df: Pulling fs layer
b5be2659cb86: Pulling fs layer
8ce907bc47e9: Pulling fs layer
7e38f3cdd9e0: Pulling fs layer
b45cf5473053: Waiting
7e38f3cdd9e0: Waiting
9cf0f0948c7f: Waiting
0dd06d93c4d1: Waiting
92e194e6c2df: Waiting
b5be2659cb86: Waiting
8ce907bc47e9: Waiting
4c51dc5333dc: Waiting
a3ed95caeb02: Waiting
0fabb5fa5487: Verifying Checksum
0fabb5fa5487: Download complete
f5f17db9ef7c: Download complete
b323df73e6c4: Verifying Checksum
b323df73e6c4: Download complete
a3ed95caeb02: Verifying Checksum
a3ed95caeb02: Download complete
9cf0f0948c7f: Verifying Checksum
9cf0f0948c7f: Download complete
f5f17db9ef7c: Pull complete
b45cf5473053: Verifying Checksum
b45cf5473053: Download complete
4c51dc5333dc: Download complete
b5be2659cb86: Verifying Checksum
b5be2659cb86: Download complete
0dd06d93c4d1: Verifying Checksum
0dd06d93c4d1: Download complete
92e194e6c2df: Verifying Checksum
92e194e6c2df: Download complete
8ce907bc47e9: Verifying Checksum
8ce907bc47e9: Download complete
b323df73e6c4: Pull complete
0fabb5fa5487: Pull complete
a3ed95caeb02: Pull complete
7e38f3cdd9e0: Verifying Checksum
7e38f3cdd9e0: Download complete
4c51dc5333dc: Pull complete
b45cf5473053: Pull complete
9cf0f0948c7f: Pull complete
0dd06d93c4d1: Pull complete
92e194e6c2df: Pull complete
b5be2659cb86: Pull complete
8ce907bc47e9: Pull complete
7e38f3cdd9e0: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:883cb9f842856187e2170dbfa21a86112a6cbba0de4a5ffa35213ba0c0ce4f48
Status: Downloaded newer image for
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Parser process id: 12
codeclimate-parser socket not present
waiting 1s...
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Parser process id: 13
codeclimate-parser socket not present
waiting 1s...
rubocop engine documentation
eslint engine documentation
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No rules are configured. Make sure you have added a config file with rules enabled.
See our documentation at for more information.
csslint engine documentation
coffeelint engine documentation
bundler-audit engine documentation
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/usr/src/app/lib/cc/engine/bundler_audit/analyzer.rb:20:in `run': No Gemfile.lock found. (CC::Engine::BundlerAudit::Analyzer::GemfileLockNotFound)
	from /usr/src/app/bin/bundler-audit:9:in `<main>'