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Test Coverage
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        <h3>Impairment Help</h3>
        <p>Delay, Delay Variation (Jitter) and Loss are applied to all packets <em>transmitted</em> by the selected interface.</p>

        <p>A basic time delay, specified in milliseconds.</p>

        <h4>Delay Variation (Jitter):</h4>
        <p> a modifier applied to the basic delay. Each packet is delayed by an additional random length of time in the range: plus-minus Delay Variation.</p>
        <p>Note 1: The actual delay for a packet is calculated as the sum of Delay and the random Delay Variation value and can not be negative, so negative values are clamped at zero.</p>
        <p>Note 2: If Delay Variation is non-zero, the Delay parameter has to be non-zero as well.</p>

        <p>A percentage of random packet loss. Each packet has X percent chance of being dropped.</p>