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# Laravel Agile Data

*A drop-in integration for Laravel 5+ to allow use of Agile Data natively.*

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## Installation

First install via composer

composer require "atk4/laravel-ad"

Next, add the ServiceProvider to the providers array in `config/app.php`


Finally, publish the configuration file by running the command:

php artisan vendor:publish --tag="agiledata"

## Configuration

Without any additional configuration LaravelAD will use the default connection specified in your `config/database.php` configuration.

To use a different connection simply specify the connection name in `config/agiledata.php`.

## Usage

There are two ways to get an instance of `atk4\data\Persistence` which follow the normal behavior of [resolving]( a dependency in Laravel.

Through a type-hint in any class that is resolved through the service container:

use Illuminate\Routing\Controller;

class MyController extends Controller 
    public function __construct(atk4\data\Persistence $db) 

or by resolving directly through the service container

$db = $this->app->make('agiledata'); // using the alias
$db = $this->app->make(atk4\data\Persistence::class); // using the class name

## Roadmap

 - [x] DI integration
 - [ ] Facade for retrieving different `Persistence` objects
 - [ ] Authentication UserProvider
 - [ ] Migrations using Console
 - [ ] Support route validations that use DB
 - [ ] Support Laravel Collections?