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Test Coverage
* [Optionally Silence Request Param Logging](
* [Support Roar > 1.0](
* [Move to CircleCI](
* [Fix for Logging bug in :basic format](

* [Heroku Customizations](
* [Better Logger](

* [Support for Rails style Model Generation](
* [Resolves issue #205 by adding hashie-forbidden_attributes gem to generated Gemfile](
* [use RAILS_ENV if RACK_ENV not found](
* [Support for creating and dropping databases on non-standard ports](
* Added an rspec response helper `expect_error_code` for easier testing of API methods which are supposed to send back a JSON representation of an error

* [Allow Napa::Authentication to receive multiple and accept multiple passwords](
* [rename to silence_thor](
* [Hey! Spec suite! Leave them streams alone!](
* [Refactoring CLI](

* [Explicitly require `filter_parameters.rb` instead of relying on `action_dispatch` autoload](
* [Default rake task runs specs](
* [Set Napa.env to the environment arg we pass in the console](
* [Add thor command to start shotgun server](
* [Lock honeybadger and roar in the meantime](

* Added a reasons object to error responses to represent active record validation errors for individual attributes
* Added ability to filter sensitive data from logs.

* Added `Napa.cache` to wrap `ActiveSupport::Cache`
* Added README generator
* Update the HoneyBadger scaffolding
* Fixed a bug with Napa::StatsDTimer where time was being reported in seconds, not milliseconds
* Removed additional StatsD counter metric for request stats middleware
* Added new deploy CLI with `force` and `revision` options `napa deploy production`
* Added deprecation warnings
* Added initialization hook to run code when a Napa service boots
* Added Migration generators from Rails
* Added rake db:seed functionality
* Added some convenience methods to spec_helper

* Added `rake db:rollback` to rollback migrations just like Rails
* Fixed bug in migration generator causing constant not defined errors
* Fixed CORS config in scaffold generator
* Fixed logging bug in grape_extenders
* Set UTF-8 encoding in generated database.yml
* Removed unneeded gem dependencies (shotgun and unicorn)
* Fixed spec_helper that gets generated to ignore spec files and gems (on CI servers)
* Added spec response helpers `parsed_response`, `response_code` and `response_body` to make tests easier to DRY up
* Removed #filter and `include Napa::FilterByHash` from generated code.
* Fix when using IRB and napa console
* Added IncludeNil module for Representable/Roar output
* Template updates to include spec files for APIs
* Removing FilterByHash in the API template
* Fix when ErrorFormatter is passed a non-hash
* Added more descriptive messages on git based deploy errors
* Added RequestStats and DatabaseStats middlewares to report data to StatsD
* All String logs are now wrapped in a hash before being written to the log file

* Updated Napa console. It now takes an optional environment parameter, i.e. `napa console production`.
* Added `c` alias for Napa console, i.e. `napa c` or `napa c production`
* Fixed a bug causing `rake db:schema:load` to fail
* Fixed a bug affecting `rake db:create` and `rake db:drop` using Postgres
* Fixed a bug Napa::GrapeHelpers to bypass the representer when given an array

* The console is now run with `napa console`, added support for racksh
* Scaffold generator now supports the `--database (-d)` flag
* Scaffold generator now supports Mysql or Postgres with ActiveRecord
* Scaffold generator now uses Roar instead of Grape Entity
* Fixed a bug in `rake routes`
* Fixed a bug in `rake db:reset`
* Added StatsD instrumentation (experimental)