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25 mins
Test Coverage
import os

from boil.exceptions import ArtifactAlreadyExists
from boil.template.renderer import TemplateRenderer
from boil.template.environment import Environment
from boil.utils.file_utils import copy_tree, temp_dir
from boil.vars.loader import VariableLoader

class PlateRunner:

    This is the primary class responsible for running plates. It generates
    project file structure inside a temporary directory and copies its contents
    to the destination directory afterwards, ensuring that there are no
    conflicts with already existing artifacts.

    def __init__(self, plate, target_dir, overwrite=False):
        self._plate = plate
        self._target_dir = target_dir
        self._overwrite = overwrite

    def run(self):
        vars = VariableLoader(self._plate.vars).get_vars()
        env = Environment(self._plate.module_name)

        with temp_dir() as tmp_dir:
            TemplateRenderer(env, vars, tmp_dir).render()

            if not self._overwrite:
                target_names = os.listdir(self._target_dir)
                for artifact_name in os.listdir(tmp_dir):
                    if artifact_name in target_names:
                        raise ArtifactAlreadyExists(name=artifact_name)

            copy_tree(tmp_dir, self._target_dir)