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Test Coverage
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Request aborted.CatalanChangeClearColombian SpanishComma-separated integersCroatianCurrentlyCzechDanishDate (with time)Date (without time)DecemberDecimal numberDeleteDirectory indexes are not allowed here.DurationDutchEmail addressEnglishEnsure that there are no more than %(max)s decimal place.Ensure that there are no more than %(max)s decimal places.Ensure that there are no more than %(max)s digit before the decimal point.Ensure that there are no more than %(max)s digits before the decimal point.Ensure that there are no more than %(max)s digit in total.Ensure that there are no more than %(max)s digits in total.Ensure this filename has at most %(max)d character (it has %(length)d).Ensure this filename has at most %(max)d characters (it has %(length)d).Ensure this value has at least %(limit_value)d character (it has %(show_value)d).Ensure this value has at least %(limit_value)d characters (it has %(show_value)d).Ensure this value has at most %(limit_value)d character (it has %(show_value)d).Ensure this value has at most %(limit_value)d characters (it has %(show_value)d).Ensure this value is %(limit_value)s (it is %(show_value)s).Ensure this value is greater than or equal to %(limit_value)s.Ensure this value is less than or equal to %(limit_value)s.Enter a complete value.Enter a list of values.Enter a number.Enter a valid IPv4 address.Enter a valid IPv4 or IPv6 address.Enter a valid IPv6 address.Enter a valid URL.Enter a valid UUID.Enter a valid date.Enter a valid date/time.Enter a valid duration.Enter a valid email address.Enter a valid integer.Enter a valid time.Enter a valid value.Enter a whole number.Enter only digits separated by commas.EsperantoEstonianFebruaryField of type: %(field_type)sFileFile pathFinnishFloating point numberForbiddenForeign Key (type determined by related field)FrenchFriFridayFrisianFuture %(verbose_name_plural)s not available because %(class_name)s.allow_future is False.GalicianGeorgianGermanGreekHebrewHindiHungarianIP addressIPv4 addressIcelandicIdoImageIndex of %(directory)sIndonesianIntegerInterlinguaInvalid page (%(page_number)s): %(message)sIrishItalianJanuaryJapaneseJulyJuneKannadaKazakhKhmerKoreanLatvianLithuanianLower SorbianLuxembourgishMacedonianMalayalamManagementForm data is missing or has been tampered withMany-to-many relationshipMarathiMarchMayMessagesMexican SpanishMonMondayMongolianMore information is available with DEBUG=True.NepaliNicaraguan SpanishNoNo %(verbose_name)s found matching the queryNo %(verbose_name_plural)s availableNo day specifiedNo file was submitted.No file was submitted. 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