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"""A dialog for the settings to knit."""
from kivy.factory import Factory
from kivy.uix.boxlayout import BoxLayout
from import StringProperty, ObjectProperty
from kivy.uix.button import Button
from kivy.uix.popup import Popup
from AYABInterface import get_machines, get_connections
from AYABInterface.interaction import Interaction
from AYABInterface.machines import KH910
from kivy.logger import Logger
from .localization import _
from kivy.uix.dropdown import DropDown

class NullCommunication(object):

    """A null object pattern for communication."""

    def stop(self):
        """Do nothing."""

class NullFile(object):

    """A null object pattern for files."""

    def close(self):
        """Do nothing."""

FIRST_MACHINE = KH910()  #: the machine that is displayed as default

class DebugSerial(object):

    """A :class:`serial.Serial` interface proxy that logs the communication."""

    def __init__(self, serial):
        """Create a new DebugSerial object.

        :param serial.Serial serial: the serial interface
        self._serial = serial
        self.close = serial.close

    def write(self, bytes_):
        """Write bytes to the serial and log them.

        :param bytes bytes_: the bytes to write
        Logger.debug("write:", bytes_)

    def read(self, *args):
        """Read bytes from the serial and log them.

        :param tuple args: the arguments to pass on to the read method
        :return: the :class:`bytes` read from the serial
        :rtype: bytes
        bytes_ =*args)
        Logger.debug("read:", bytes_)
        return bytes_

class AYABKnitSettings(BoxLayout):

    """Class containing the settings to connect to the AYAB shield."""

    #: the different colors chosen
    colors_layout = ObjectProperty(None)

    # common

    def populate_drop_down(self, entries, attribute, location):
        """Populate a drop down menu."""
        drop_down = DropDown()
        for entry in entries:
  "populate dropdown for {}: {}"
                        "".format(attribute, entry))
            button = Button(
      , height=44, size_hint_y=None,
                on_release=lambda a, entry=entry:
                    setattr(self, attribute, entry))

    def display_message(self, title, message):
        """Create a pop up error message.

        .. seealso:: :mod:`kivu.uix.popup`
        if self.popup:
        content = Button(text=message, on_press=lambda i: popup.dismiss())
        popup = Popup(title=title, content=content,
                      size_hint=(0.5, 0.5))
        self.popup = popup

    #: the :class:`~kivy.uix.popup.Popup` to display messages to the user
    popup = ObjectProperty(None)

    # the machines

    #: the machine to use for knitting
    machine = ObjectProperty(FIRST_MACHINE)
    #: the name of the :attr:`machine`
    machine_name = StringProperty(
    #: the button to choose the machines.
    machine_button = ObjectProperty(None)

    def populate_machines_drop_down(self):
        """Add elements to the machines choice."""
        self.populate_drop_down(get_machines(), "machine", self.machine_button)

    def on_machine(self, instance, value):
        """The machine changed so we need to adapt the machine text.""""machine chosen: {}".format(value))
        self.machine_name =

    # the connections

    #: the connection to communicate through
    connection = ObjectProperty(None)
    #: the name of the connection
    connection_name = StringProperty(_("Choose a connection!"))
    #: the button to choose the connection with
    connection_button = ObjectProperty(None)

    def populate_connections_drop_down(self):
        """Add elements to the connection choice."""
                                "connection", self.connection_button)

    def on_connection(self, instance, value):
        """The connection changed so we need to adapt the machine text.""""connection chosen: {}".format(value))
        self.connection_name =

    # knitting

    def start_knitting(self, pattern):
        """Start the knitting process with one pattern."""
        if self.connection is None:
                _("Please Configure!"),
                _("Please choose a connection before knitting."))
        self.start_knitting_button.text = _("Restart knitting!")


        self.interaction = Interaction(pattern, self.machine)
        self.comunication_connection = DebugSerial(self.connection.connect())
        self.communication = self.interaction.communicate_through(


    def stop(self):
        """Stop the connections."""

    def build(self):
        """Build the UI for the first time."""

    def populate_actions(self, actions):
        """Show the actions associted with the pattern."""
        for action in actions:
            button = Button(text=str(action))

    #: the :class:`~AYABInterface.interaction.Interaction` object to
    #: interact with while knitting
    interaction = ObjectProperty(None)
    #: the :class:`~AYABInterface.communication.Communication` object to
    #: communicate with
    communication = ObjectProperty(NullCommunication())
    #: the :class:`DebugSerial` or :class:`serial.Serial` to use for
    #: communication
    comunication_connection = ObjectProperty(NullFile())
    #: the list of actions to diaplay to the user
    list_of_actions = ObjectProperty(None)
    #: the :class:`~kniteditor.KnittingPatternWidget.KnittingPatternWidget` to
    #: display the pattern to knit and the progess
    pattern_in_progress = ObjectProperty(None)
    #: the :class:`~kivy.uix.button.Button` to start and restart knitting with
    start_knitting_button = ObjectProperty(None)

Factory.register('AYABKnitSettings', cls=AYABKnitSettings)
__all__ = ["AYABKnitSettings", "DebugSerial", "NullCommunication", "NullFile"]