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Test Coverage
Development Installation


Python 3.6+


    Some packages also needs python3.5-dev package (ubuntu) or similar

Development install

After forking or checking out::

    $ cd loafer/
    $ pip install -r requirements/local.txt
    $ pre-commit install
    $ pip install -e .

The requirements folder are only used for development, so we can easily
install/track dependencies required to run the tests using continuous
integration platforms.

The official entrypoint for distritubution is the ```` which also
contains the minimum requirements to execute the tests.

It's important to execute ``pip install -e .`` not only to install the main
dependencies, but also to include ``loafer`` in our environment.

Running tests::

    $ make test

Generating documentation::

    $ cd docs/
    $ make html

To configure AWS access, check `boto3 configuration`_ or export  (see `boto3 envvars`_)::

    $ export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=<key>
    $ export AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=<secret>
    $ export AWS_DEFAULT_REGION=sa-east-1  # for example

.. _boto3 configuration:
.. _boto3 envvars:

Check the :doc:`../settings` section to see specific configurations.