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Test Coverage
<!-- Title suggestion: [Feature flag] Enable description of feature -->

## What

Remove the `:feature_name` feature flag ...

## Owners

- Most appropriate slack channel to reach out to: `#g_TEAM_NAME`
- Best individual to reach out to: NAME

## Expectations

### What are we expecting to happen?

### What might happen if this goes wrong?

### What can we monitor to detect problems with this?

<!-- Which dashboards from are most relevant? -->

## Beta groups/projects

If applicable, any groups/projects that are happy to have this feature turned on early. Some organizations may wish to test big changes they are interested in with a small subset of users ahead of time for example.

- `gitlab-org/gitlab` project
- `gitlab-org`/`gitlab-com` groups
- ...

## Roll Out Steps

- [ ] Enable on staging
- [ ] Test on staging
- [ ] Ensure that documentation has been updated
- [ ] Enable on for individual groups/projects listed above and verify behaviour
- [ ] Coordinate a time to enable the flag with `#production` and `#g_delivery` on slack.
- [ ] Announce on the issue an estimated time this will be enabled on
- [ ] Enable on by running chatops command in `#production`
- [ ] Cross post chatops slack command to `#support_gitlab-com` and in your team channel
- [ ] Announce on the issue that the flag has been enabled
- [ ] Remove feature flag and add changelog entry
- [ ] After the flag removal is deployed, [clean up the feature flag]( by running chatops command in `#production` channel

/label ~"feature flag"