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Update dependency eslint-plugin-jsdoc to v39.6.7 #15331
renovate[bot] authored 77815242
An engine encountered an error
E10 Error

We had trouble running the eslint engine.

The engine's output shown below may indicate the cause of the error.

If not, please contact us so we can investigate further.

git clone
codeclimate validate-config
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codeclimate validate-config
No errors or warnings found in .codeclimate.yml.
codeclimate prepare
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codeclimate prepare
builder pull-engines
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determining required images
docker pull codeclimate/codeclimate-structure:b1650
b1650: Pulling from codeclimate/codeclimate-structure
73e8e0576286: Pulling fs layer
a57d4f5d1bfc: Pulling fs layer
e2a86f4cd4a3: Pulling fs layer
c1a59903f55b: Pulling fs layer
a2dafaf0dc19: Pulling fs layer
36cfa305d0fa: Pulling fs layer
0f7fd5091f1e: Pulling fs layer
ff731e13a6a6: Pulling fs layer
b81bd3ead20e: Pulling fs layer
4b15dca20b51: Pulling fs layer
2f17b7669f93: Pulling fs layer
030de427feb6: Pulling fs layer
091609303f23: Pulling fs layer
f41ac034de64: Pulling fs layer
a9f230bc2ddc: Pulling fs layer
f15706832347: Pulling fs layer
bda391e2ab02: Pulling fs layer
9995ee6a0f7e: Pulling fs layer
211d810e21eb: Pulling fs layer
f0af9baa7086: Pulling fs layer
9e9523a1b312: Pulling fs layer
865307ab8717: Pulling fs layer
2e6d00eb0a68: Pulling fs layer
9af0a8ad32fb: Pulling fs layer
a4a70209f6a1: Pulling fs layer
1ddaa8f0e67f: Pulling fs layer
c50de2642fc4: Pulling fs layer
a2695e31abb0: Pulling fs layer
d1d98bdc7f2e: Pulling fs layer
068f2d77d5a3: Pulling fs layer
16d4c5c19fc4: Pulling fs layer
49f8b4c421bc: Pulling fs layer
a8cad570f09f: Pulling fs layer
b6d34bc507b5: Pulling fs layer
164a7ffedd62: Pulling fs layer
3e7b2c289412: Pulling fs layer
28342007b033: Pulling fs layer
e24eaeb331bd: Pulling fs layer
aaacb70ecfc2: Pulling fs layer
24052b0c7be6: Pulling fs layer
20b92fe87d36: Pulling fs layer
935c66569cef: Pulling fs layer
0f149fa884ac: Pulling fs layer
bb4d301b49f1: Pulling fs layer
ad5e1008067e: Pulling fs layer
5003fc5ed6a8: Pulling fs layer
f41ac034de64: Waiting
4c4f557b458e: Pulling fs layer
c1a59903f55b: Waiting
1238cc64a9e3: Pulling fs layer
a9f230bc2ddc: Waiting
97ad44e2910b: Pulling fs layer
a2dafaf0dc19: Waiting
7b9d08df611c: Pulling fs layer
36cfa305d0fa: Waiting
4b15dca20b51: Waiting
9af0a8ad32fb: Waiting
0f7fd5091f1e: Waiting
2f17b7669f93: Waiting
ff731e13a6a6: Waiting
a4a70209f6a1: Waiting
030de427feb6: Waiting
f15706832347: Waiting
b81bd3ead20e: Waiting
091609303f23: Waiting
bda391e2ab02: Waiting
aaacb70ecfc2: Waiting
c50de2642fc4: Waiting
9995ee6a0f7e: Waiting
211d810e21eb: Waiting
24052b0c7be6: Waiting
a2695e31abb0: Waiting
5003fc5ed6a8: Waiting
20b92fe87d36: Waiting
d1d98bdc7f2e: Waiting
4c4f557b458e: Waiting
935c66569cef: Waiting
068f2d77d5a3: Waiting
1238cc64a9e3: Waiting
16d4c5c19fc4: Waiting
0f149fa884ac: Waiting
97ad44e2910b: Waiting
49f8b4c421bc: Waiting
bb4d301b49f1: Waiting
7b9d08df611c: Waiting
ad5e1008067e: Waiting
a8cad570f09f: Waiting
b6d34bc507b5: Waiting
f0af9baa7086: Waiting
164a7ffedd62: Waiting
9e9523a1b312: Waiting
3e7b2c289412: Waiting
28342007b033: Waiting
2e6d00eb0a68: Waiting
865307ab8717: Waiting
a57d4f5d1bfc: Verifying Checksum
a57d4f5d1bfc: Download complete
e2a86f4cd4a3: Download complete
73e8e0576286: Verifying Checksum
73e8e0576286: Download complete
36cfa305d0fa: Verifying Checksum
36cfa305d0fa: Download complete
a2dafaf0dc19: Verifying Checksum
a2dafaf0dc19: Download complete
0f7fd5091f1e: Download complete
ff731e13a6a6: Verifying Checksum
ff731e13a6a6: Download complete
4b15dca20b51: Verifying Checksum
4b15dca20b51: Download complete
2f17b7669f93: Download complete
030de427feb6: Verifying Checksum
030de427feb6: Download complete
73e8e0576286: Pull complete
a57d4f5d1bfc: Pull complete
091609303f23: Verifying Checksum
091609303f23: Download complete
e2a86f4cd4a3: Pull complete
f41ac034de64: Verifying Checksum
f41ac034de64: Download complete
a9f230bc2ddc: Verifying Checksum
a9f230bc2ddc: Download complete
f15706832347: Verifying Checksum
f15706832347: Download complete
bda391e2ab02: Verifying Checksum
bda391e2ab02: Download complete
9995ee6a0f7e: Verifying Checksum
9995ee6a0f7e: Download complete
211d810e21eb: Verifying Checksum
211d810e21eb: Download complete
f0af9baa7086: Verifying Checksum
f0af9baa7086: Download complete
9e9523a1b312: Download complete
865307ab8717: Verifying Checksum
865307ab8717: Download complete
2e6d00eb0a68: Verifying Checksum
2e6d00eb0a68: Download complete
b81bd3ead20e: Verifying Checksum
b81bd3ead20e: Download complete
a4a70209f6a1: Verifying Checksum
a4a70209f6a1: Download complete
9af0a8ad32fb: Verifying Checksum
9af0a8ad32fb: Download complete
c50de2642fc4: Download complete
1ddaa8f0e67f: Download complete
d1d98bdc7f2e: Download complete
068f2d77d5a3: Verifying Checksum
068f2d77d5a3: Download complete
16d4c5c19fc4: Verifying Checksum
16d4c5c19fc4: Download complete
49f8b4c421bc: Verifying Checksum
49f8b4c421bc: Download complete
a8cad570f09f: Verifying Checksum
a8cad570f09f: Download complete
a2695e31abb0: Verifying Checksum
a2695e31abb0: Download complete
164a7ffedd62: Verifying Checksum
164a7ffedd62: Download complete
3e7b2c289412: Verifying Checksum
3e7b2c289412: Download complete
28342007b033: Verifying Checksum
28342007b033: Download complete
b6d34bc507b5: Verifying Checksum
b6d34bc507b5: Download complete
e24eaeb331bd: Verifying Checksum
e24eaeb331bd: Download complete
aaacb70ecfc2: Verifying Checksum
aaacb70ecfc2: Download complete
24052b0c7be6: Verifying Checksum
24052b0c7be6: Download complete
20b92fe87d36: Verifying Checksum
20b92fe87d36: Download complete
935c66569cef: Verifying Checksum
935c66569cef: Download complete
0f149fa884ac: Verifying Checksum
0f149fa884ac: Download complete
bb4d301b49f1: Verifying Checksum
bb4d301b49f1: Download complete
ad5e1008067e: Download complete
5003fc5ed6a8: Verifying Checksum
5003fc5ed6a8: Download complete
4c4f557b458e: Download complete
1238cc64a9e3: Verifying Checksum
1238cc64a9e3: Download complete
97ad44e2910b: Verifying Checksum
97ad44e2910b: Download complete
7b9d08df611c: Verifying Checksum
7b9d08df611c: Download complete
c1a59903f55b: Verifying Checksum
c1a59903f55b: Download complete
c1a59903f55b: Pull complete
a2dafaf0dc19: Pull complete
36cfa305d0fa: Pull complete
0f7fd5091f1e: Pull complete
ff731e13a6a6: Pull complete
b81bd3ead20e: Pull complete
4b15dca20b51: Pull complete
2f17b7669f93: Pull complete
030de427feb6: Pull complete
091609303f23: Pull complete
f41ac034de64: Pull complete
a9f230bc2ddc: Pull complete
f15706832347: Pull complete
bda391e2ab02: Pull complete
9995ee6a0f7e: Pull complete
211d810e21eb: Pull complete
f0af9baa7086: Pull complete
9e9523a1b312: Pull complete
865307ab8717: Pull complete
2e6d00eb0a68: Pull complete
9af0a8ad32fb: Pull complete
a4a70209f6a1: Pull complete
1ddaa8f0e67f: Pull complete
c50de2642fc4: Pull complete
a2695e31abb0: Pull complete
d1d98bdc7f2e: Pull complete
068f2d77d5a3: Pull complete
16d4c5c19fc4: Pull complete
49f8b4c421bc: Pull complete
a8cad570f09f: Pull complete
b6d34bc507b5: Pull complete
164a7ffedd62: Pull complete
3e7b2c289412: Pull complete
28342007b033: Pull complete
e24eaeb331bd: Pull complete
aaacb70ecfc2: Pull complete
24052b0c7be6: Pull complete
20b92fe87d36: Pull complete
935c66569cef: Pull complete
0f149fa884ac: Pull complete
bb4d301b49f1: Pull complete
ad5e1008067e: Pull complete
5003fc5ed6a8: Pull complete
4c4f557b458e: Pull complete
1238cc64a9e3: Pull complete
97ad44e2910b: Pull complete
7b9d08df611c: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:570717d5b4c4b37aaa746e404b16c6c0abf52b01882e49a8b44100b6f11c5ba9
Status: Downloaded newer image for
docker pull codeclimate/codeclimate-duplication:b1317
b1317: Pulling from codeclimate/codeclimate-duplication
73e8e0576286: Already exists
a57d4f5d1bfc: Already exists
e2a86f4cd4a3: Already exists
c1a59903f55b: Already exists
a2dafaf0dc19: Already exists
36cfa305d0fa: Already exists
0f7fd5091f1e: Already exists
ff731e13a6a6: Already exists
b81bd3ead20e: Already exists
4b15dca20b51: Already exists
2f17b7669f93: Already exists
030de427feb6: Already exists
091609303f23: Already exists
f41ac034de64: Already exists
a9f230bc2ddc: Already exists
f15706832347: Already exists
bda391e2ab02: Already exists
9995ee6a0f7e: Already exists
211d810e21eb: Already exists
f0af9baa7086: Already exists
9e9523a1b312: Already exists
865307ab8717: Already exists
2e6d00eb0a68: Already exists
9af0a8ad32fb: Already exists
a4a70209f6a1: Already exists
1ddaa8f0e67f: Already exists
c50de2642fc4: Already exists
a2695e31abb0: Already exists
d1d98bdc7f2e: Already exists
068f2d77d5a3: Already exists
16d4c5c19fc4: Already exists
49f8b4c421bc: Already exists
a8cad570f09f: Already exists
b6d34bc507b5: Already exists
164a7ffedd62: Already exists
3e7b2c289412: Already exists
28342007b033: Already exists
e24eaeb331bd: Already exists
aaacb70ecfc2: Already exists
24052b0c7be6: Already exists
20b92fe87d36: Already exists
935c66569cef: Already exists
0f149fa884ac: Already exists
bb4d301b49f1: Already exists
ad5e1008067e: Already exists
5003fc5ed6a8: Already exists
cec6b8532973: Pulling fs layer
32557ab9c740: Pulling fs layer
7cb08fcb4009: Pulling fs layer
c8491c4430fd: Pulling fs layer
dccf2eaa1d77: Pulling fs layer
df7f3de6d940: Pulling fs layer
140e612e3ec5: Pulling fs layer
df7f3de6d940: Waiting
140e612e3ec5: Waiting
dccf2eaa1d77: Waiting
c8491c4430fd: Waiting
7cb08fcb4009: Verifying Checksum
7cb08fcb4009: Download complete
cec6b8532973: Download complete
32557ab9c740: Verifying Checksum
32557ab9c740: Download complete
c8491c4430fd: Verifying Checksum
c8491c4430fd: Download complete
df7f3de6d940: Download complete
dccf2eaa1d77: Verifying Checksum
dccf2eaa1d77: Download complete
140e612e3ec5: Verifying Checksum
140e612e3ec5: Download complete
cec6b8532973: Pull complete
32557ab9c740: Pull complete
7cb08fcb4009: Pull complete
c8491c4430fd: Pull complete
dccf2eaa1d77: Pull complete
df7f3de6d940: Pull complete
140e612e3ec5: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:05fa169cbfbb1cc93e30aa8f8f1a66c20788d49352c867864a2d57f4a5f8dc3e
Status: Downloaded newer image for
docker pull codeclimate/codeclimate-eslint:b1498
b1498: Pulling from codeclimate/codeclimate-eslint
a2abf6c4d29d: Pulling fs layer
716b0e096692: Pulling fs layer
fe6faad74785: Pulling fs layer
210ec5508c76: Pulling fs layer
c0598cf3675c: Pulling fs layer
e10ef5555f8e: Pulling fs layer
1c68f90008bb: Pulling fs layer
e6f389edba7c: Pulling fs layer
b61f03559f91: Pulling fs layer
6f24c7399ad3: Pulling fs layer
e3d8946c22da: Pulling fs layer
f93c9523f748: Pulling fs layer
da2ca52c5cbe: Pulling fs layer
0cf39292306a: Pulling fs layer
93ffe06af9e3: Pulling fs layer
b61f03559f91: Waiting
6f24c7399ad3: Waiting
e6f389edba7c: Waiting
e10ef5555f8e: Waiting
e3d8946c22da: Waiting
0cf39292306a: Waiting
da2ca52c5cbe: Waiting
f93c9523f748: Waiting
210ec5508c76: Waiting
c0598cf3675c: Waiting
1c68f90008bb: Waiting
716b0e096692: Verifying Checksum
716b0e096692: Download complete
210ec5508c76: Verifying Checksum
210ec5508c76: Download complete
a2abf6c4d29d: Verifying Checksum
a2abf6c4d29d: Download complete
c0598cf3675c: Verifying Checksum
c0598cf3675c: Download complete
e10ef5555f8e: Download complete
1c68f90008bb: Verifying Checksum
1c68f90008bb: Download complete
e6f389edba7c: Verifying Checksum
e6f389edba7c: Download complete
fe6faad74785: Verifying Checksum
fe6faad74785: Download complete
b61f03559f91: Verifying Checksum
b61f03559f91: Download complete
6f24c7399ad3: Download complete
e3d8946c22da: Verifying Checksum
da2ca52c5cbe: Verifying Checksum
da2ca52c5cbe: Download complete
93ffe06af9e3: Verifying Checksum
93ffe06af9e3: Download complete
0cf39292306a: Verifying Checksum
0cf39292306a: Download complete
f93c9523f748: Verifying Checksum
f93c9523f748: Download complete
a2abf6c4d29d: Pull complete
716b0e096692: Pull complete
fe6faad74785: Pull complete
210ec5508c76: Pull complete
c0598cf3675c: Pull complete
e10ef5555f8e: Pull complete
1c68f90008bb: Pull complete
e6f389edba7c: Pull complete
b61f03559f91: Pull complete
6f24c7399ad3: Pull complete
e3d8946c22da: Pull complete
f93c9523f748: Pull complete
da2ca52c5cbe: Pull complete
0cf39292306a: Pull complete
93ffe06af9e3: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:275376dd0439d6296b0b26c431d257900f9aa9bfd02aac83820273b18d0dfd69
Status: Downloaded newer image for
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Parser process id: 12
codeclimate-parser socket not present
waiting 1s...
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Parser process id: 12
codeclimate-parser socket not present
waiting 1s...
eslint engine documentation
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Module not supported: eslint-plugin-ava
Module not supported: eslint-plugin-unicorn
        throw e;

Error: Cannot find module 'eslint-plugin-unicorn'
Require stack:
- /usr/local/node_modules/eslint/lib/config/config-file.js
- /usr/src/app/lib/eslint-patch.js
- /usr/src/app/lib/eslint.js
- /usr/src/app/bin/eslint.js
Referenced from: /code/.eslintrc
    at Function.Module._resolveFilename (node:internal/modules/cjs/loader:933:15)
    at Function.resolve (node:internal/modules/cjs/helpers:108:19)
    at resolve (/usr/local/node_modules/eslint/lib/config/config-file.js:498:31)
    at load (/usr/local/node_modules/eslint/lib/config/config-file.js:579:26)
    at /usr/local/node_modules/eslint/lib/config/config-file.js:453:36
    at Array.reduceRight (<anonymous>)
    at applyExtends (/usr/local/node_modules/eslint/lib/config/config-file.js:431:26)
    at loadFromDisk (/usr/local/node_modules/eslint/lib/config/config-file.js:551:22)
    at Object.load (/usr/local/node_modules/eslint/lib/config/config-file.js:587:20)
    at Config.getLocalConfigHierarchy (/usr/local/node_modules/eslint/lib/config.js:240:44) {
  requireStack: [

Node.js v17.3.1