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chore(deps): update dependency markdownlint-cli to v0.26.0 #7054
Renovate Bot authored 29c54340
An engine encountered an error
E10 Error

We had trouble running the eslint engine.

The engine's output shown below may indicate the cause of the error.

If not, please contact us so we can investigate further.

git clone
codeclimate validate-config
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codeclimate validate-config
No errors or warnings found in .codeclimate.yml.
codeclimate prepare
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codeclimate prepare
builder pull-engines
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determining required images
docker pull
b1593: Pulling from codeclimate/codeclimate-structure
75cb2ebf3b3c: Already exists
bf9f7b182d6c: Already exists
461a61885f7f: Already exists
738bfc0b1b83: Pulling fs layer
f248be4f06a5: Pulling fs layer
160452ef8fdb: Pulling fs layer
8a73e8c17034: Pulling fs layer
930939f7188e: Pulling fs layer
79429db77dec: Pulling fs layer
9efa0c860c37: Pulling fs layer
45258a607d37: Pulling fs layer
c95d9433f142: Pulling fs layer
5d7a65bbb8f4: Pulling fs layer
45acfff98cc1: Pulling fs layer
39a951b23398: Pulling fs layer
6494aedf7d27: Pulling fs layer
908e4eb6e748: Pulling fs layer
8a73e8c17034: Download complete
03ea0c8e383b: Pulling fs layer
8d724bca466d: Pulling fs layer
ca19cbfaf9cf: Pulling fs layer
0d74630eebd7: Pulling fs layer
dd6cc9f7261d: Pulling fs layer
f248be4f06a5: Download complete
dc3f2318377e: Pulling fs layer
6449a0237e74: Pulling fs layer
69e2a768e61b: Pulling fs layer
8d724bca466d: Waiting
160452ef8fdb: Download complete
8c24ab75c3ec: Pulling fs layer
39a951b23398: Download complete
6494aedf7d27: Download complete
dd6cc9f7261d: Waiting
4015694c1239: Pulling fs layer
908e4eb6e748: Download complete
930939f7188e: Download complete
03ea0c8e383b: Download complete
ca19cbfaf9cf: Waiting
79429db77dec: Download complete
cc2e2682fd90: Pulling fs layer
c95d9433f142: Download complete
0d74630eebd7: Waiting
41ac100ea00c: Pulling fs layer
9efa0c860c37: Download complete
a2e23abf5784: Pulling fs layer
45258a607d37: Download complete
45acfff98cc1: Download complete
69e2a768e61b: Waiting
0fb25f9b747b: Pulling fs layer
dc3f2318377e: Waiting
6449a0237e74: Waiting
5bad2135a70d: Pulling fs layer
cc2e2682fd90: Waiting
41ac100ea00c: Waiting
5d7a65bbb8f4: Download complete
d09426768663: Pulling fs layer
8c24ab75c3ec: Waiting
4015694c1239: Waiting
0fb25f9b747b: Waiting
a2e23abf5784: Waiting
c5c7acc614dc: Pulling fs layer
0a8c584afec0: Pulling fs layer
5bad2135a70d: Waiting
40223e61b90a: Pulling fs layer
b1a6a43e4f37: Pulling fs layer
d09426768663: Waiting
c5c7acc614dc: Waiting
1db6c96f2e25: Pulling fs layer
a5d85c4e8366: Pulling fs layer
40223e61b90a: Waiting
0a8c584afec0: Waiting
8bec33665050: Pulling fs layer
8a2cb22722e9: Pulling fs layer
b1a6a43e4f37: Waiting
1db6c96f2e25: Waiting
b16c98e909ab: Pulling fs layer
a5d85c4e8366: Waiting
8bec33665050: Waiting
8a2cb22722e9: Waiting
d0cfb90eaabc: Pulling fs layer
d90bf6485f08: Pulling fs layer
2d2148bbe508: Pulling fs layer
d90598121cac: Pulling fs layer
d072530a3378: Pulling fs layer
e198cf3b1351: Pulling fs layer
e198cf3b1351: Waiting
d90bf6485f08: Waiting
d072530a3378: Waiting
d90598121cac: Waiting
b16c98e909ab: Waiting
2d2148bbe508: Waiting
d0cfb90eaabc: Waiting
8d724bca466d: Verifying Checksum
8d724bca466d: Download complete
0d74630eebd7: Verifying Checksum
0d74630eebd7: Download complete
dd6cc9f7261d: Download complete
ca19cbfaf9cf: Verifying Checksum
ca19cbfaf9cf: Download complete
dc3f2318377e: Download complete
69e2a768e61b: Download complete
6449a0237e74: Verifying Checksum
6449a0237e74: Download complete
4015694c1239: Download complete
cc2e2682fd90: Verifying Checksum
cc2e2682fd90: Download complete
41ac100ea00c: Download complete
8c24ab75c3ec: Verifying Checksum
8c24ab75c3ec: Download complete
a2e23abf5784: Verifying Checksum
a2e23abf5784: Download complete
0fb25f9b747b: Verifying Checksum
0fb25f9b747b: Download complete
d09426768663: Download complete
c5c7acc614dc: Verifying Checksum
c5c7acc614dc: Download complete
5bad2135a70d: Verifying Checksum
5bad2135a70d: Download complete
0a8c584afec0: Download complete
b1a6a43e4f37: Verifying Checksum
b1a6a43e4f37: Download complete
40223e61b90a: Verifying Checksum
40223e61b90a: Download complete
1db6c96f2e25: Verifying Checksum
1db6c96f2e25: Download complete
8bec33665050: Verifying Checksum
8bec33665050: Download complete
a5d85c4e8366: Verifying Checksum
a5d85c4e8366: Download complete
8a2cb22722e9: Verifying Checksum
8a2cb22722e9: Download complete
b16c98e909ab: Verifying Checksum
b16c98e909ab: Download complete
d0cfb90eaabc: Verifying Checksum
d0cfb90eaabc: Download complete
d90bf6485f08: Download complete
2d2148bbe508: Download complete
d90598121cac: Verifying Checksum
d90598121cac: Download complete
e198cf3b1351: Download complete
d072530a3378: Verifying Checksum
d072530a3378: Download complete
738bfc0b1b83: Download complete
738bfc0b1b83: Pull complete
f248be4f06a5: Pull complete
160452ef8fdb: Pull complete
8a73e8c17034: Pull complete
930939f7188e: Pull complete
79429db77dec: Pull complete
9efa0c860c37: Pull complete
45258a607d37: Pull complete
c95d9433f142: Pull complete
5d7a65bbb8f4: Pull complete
45acfff98cc1: Pull complete
39a951b23398: Pull complete
6494aedf7d27: Pull complete
908e4eb6e748: Pull complete
03ea0c8e383b: Pull complete
8d724bca466d: Pull complete
ca19cbfaf9cf: Pull complete
0d74630eebd7: Pull complete
dd6cc9f7261d: Pull complete
dc3f2318377e: Pull complete
6449a0237e74: Pull complete
69e2a768e61b: Pull complete
8c24ab75c3ec: Pull complete
4015694c1239: Pull complete
cc2e2682fd90: Pull complete
41ac100ea00c: Pull complete
a2e23abf5784: Pull complete
0fb25f9b747b: Pull complete
5bad2135a70d: Pull complete
d09426768663: Pull complete
c5c7acc614dc: Pull complete
0a8c584afec0: Pull complete
40223e61b90a: Pull complete
b1a6a43e4f37: Pull complete
1db6c96f2e25: Pull complete
a5d85c4e8366: Pull complete
8bec33665050: Pull complete
8a2cb22722e9: Pull complete
b16c98e909ab: Pull complete
d0cfb90eaabc: Pull complete
d90bf6485f08: Pull complete
2d2148bbe508: Pull complete
d90598121cac: Pull complete
d072530a3378: Pull complete
e198cf3b1351: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:63601288051ac8d71d910dc2cee871bf0d22c5bf7e4a3a66e313ef5047a9f2fe
Status: Image is up to date for
docker pull
b1254: Pulling from codeclimate/codeclimate-duplication
75cb2ebf3b3c: Already exists
bf9f7b182d6c: Already exists
461a61885f7f: Already exists
738bfc0b1b83: Already exists
f248be4f06a5: Already exists
160452ef8fdb: Already exists
8a73e8c17034: Already exists
930939f7188e: Already exists
79429db77dec: Already exists
9efa0c860c37: Already exists
45258a607d37: Already exists
c95d9433f142: Already exists
5d7a65bbb8f4: Already exists
45acfff98cc1: Already exists
39a951b23398: Already exists
6494aedf7d27: Already exists
908e4eb6e748: Already exists
03ea0c8e383b: Already exists
8d724bca466d: Already exists
ca19cbfaf9cf: Already exists
0d74630eebd7: Already exists
dd6cc9f7261d: Already exists
dc3f2318377e: Already exists
6449a0237e74: Already exists
69e2a768e61b: Already exists
8c24ab75c3ec: Already exists
4015694c1239: Already exists
cc2e2682fd90: Already exists
41ac100ea00c: Already exists
a2e23abf5784: Already exists
0fb25f9b747b: Already exists
5bad2135a70d: Already exists
d09426768663: Already exists
c5c7acc614dc: Already exists
0a8c584afec0: Already exists
40223e61b90a: Already exists
b1a6a43e4f37: Already exists
1db6c96f2e25: Already exists
a5d85c4e8366: Already exists
8bec33665050: Already exists
8a2cb22722e9: Already exists
b16c98e909ab: Already exists
d0cfb90eaabc: Already exists
d90bf6485f08: Already exists
3cd878108168: Pulling fs layer
3322bb71c8e9: Pulling fs layer
22fbbee25797: Pulling fs layer
6e28420913f7: Pulling fs layer
0a175d425193: Pulling fs layer
cf818c6259f3: Pulling fs layer
e929626cf0b2: Pulling fs layer
e929626cf0b2: Waiting
6e28420913f7: Waiting
0a175d425193: Waiting
cf818c6259f3: Waiting
3cd878108168: Verifying Checksum
3cd878108168: Download complete
22fbbee25797: Verifying Checksum
22fbbee25797: Download complete
3322bb71c8e9: Verifying Checksum
3322bb71c8e9: Download complete
3cd878108168: Pull complete
3322bb71c8e9: Pull complete
22fbbee25797: Pull complete
6e28420913f7: Download complete
cf818c6259f3: Verifying Checksum
cf818c6259f3: Download complete
6e28420913f7: Pull complete
0a175d425193: Download complete
e929626cf0b2: Verifying Checksum
e929626cf0b2: Download complete
0a175d425193: Pull complete
cf818c6259f3: Pull complete
e929626cf0b2: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:d80a157b3093af6422b5e5ff16b9fc2883c66c435848caf6ac557dd06c83c491
Status: Image is up to date for
docker pull
b1336: Pulling from codeclimate/codeclimate-eslint
e79bb959ec00: Already exists
d4b7902036fe: Already exists
1b2a72d4e030: Already exists
d54db43011fd: Already exists
69d473365bb3: Already exists
6e2490ee2dc8: Pulling fs layer
a379571b1bfc: Pulling fs layer
7b9a41966503: Pulling fs layer
1f386959b58b: Pulling fs layer
5740b7326203: Pulling fs layer
7c5c22b6d129: Pulling fs layer
82c519c72a21: Pulling fs layer
69b9f7027698: Pulling fs layer
ee1a64b19257: Pulling fs layer
5737b0809c6c: Pulling fs layer
1df818d67041: Pulling fs layer
9ff83af8e51b: Pulling fs layer
9ff83af8e51b: Waiting
7c5c22b6d129: Waiting
a379571b1bfc: Waiting
7b9a41966503: Waiting
1f386959b58b: Waiting
5740b7326203: Waiting
ee1a64b19257: Waiting
82c519c72a21: Waiting
69b9f7027698: Waiting
5737b0809c6c: Waiting
1df818d67041: Waiting
6e2490ee2dc8: Pull complete
7b9a41966503: Verifying Checksum
7b9a41966503: Download complete
1f386959b58b: Verifying Checksum
1f386959b58b: Download complete
5740b7326203: Verifying Checksum
5740b7326203: Download complete
a379571b1bfc: Download complete
7c5c22b6d129: Verifying Checksum
7c5c22b6d129: Download complete
82c519c72a21: Verifying Checksum
82c519c72a21: Download complete
69b9f7027698: Verifying Checksum
69b9f7027698: Download complete
1df818d67041: Verifying Checksum
1df818d67041: Download complete
5737b0809c6c: Verifying Checksum
5737b0809c6c: Download complete
9ff83af8e51b: Verifying Checksum
9ff83af8e51b: Download complete
ee1a64b19257: Verifying Checksum
ee1a64b19257: Download complete
a379571b1bfc: Pull complete
7b9a41966503: Pull complete
1f386959b58b: Pull complete
5740b7326203: Pull complete
7c5c22b6d129: Pull complete
82c519c72a21: Pull complete
69b9f7027698: Pull complete
ee1a64b19257: Pull complete
5737b0809c6c: Pull complete
1df818d67041: Pull complete
9ff83af8e51b: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:5980ccfe4d6ffb6826d2aeb05d86e226d15d89a67004e0c4d2198d843fad6379
Status: Image is up to date for
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Parser process id: 12
codeclimate-parser socket not present
waiting 1s...
W, [2021-01-11T04:18:48.155810 #1]  WARN -- : Skipping src/include/telegram-bot/controllers/telegram-bot-request.js due to CC::Parser::Client::HTTPError
W, [2021-01-11T04:18:48.155873 #1]  WARN -- : Response status: 422
W, [2021-01-11T04:18:49.591875 #1]  WARN -- : Skipping src/core/models/abstract/abstract-text.js due to CC::Parser::Client::HTTPError
W, [2021-01-11T04:18:49.591942 #1]  WARN -- : Response status: 422
W, [2021-01-11T04:18:49.611973 #1]  WARN -- : Skipping src/core/models/abstract/abstract-geo.js due to CC::Parser::Client::HTTPError
W, [2021-01-11T04:18:49.612016 #1]  WARN -- : Response status: 422
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Parser process id: 12
codeclimate-parser socket not present
waiting 1s...
/home/app/.rubies/ruby-2.5.1/lib/ruby/gems/2.5.0/gems/concurrent-ruby-1.0.0/lib/concurrent/atomic/mutex_atomic_fixnum.rb:80: warning: constant ::Fixnum is deprecated
W, [2021-01-11T04:18:57.393917 #1]  WARN -- : Skipping ./src/include/telegram-bot/controllers/telegram-bot-request.js due to CC::Parser::Client::HTTPError
W, [2021-01-11T04:18:57.394367 #1]  WARN -- : Response status: 422
W, [2021-01-11T04:18:59.191398 #1]  WARN -- : Skipping ./src/core/models/abstract/abstract-text.js due to CC::Parser::Client::HTTPError
W, [2021-01-11T04:18:59.191445 #1]  WARN -- : Response status: 422
W, [2021-01-11T04:18:59.235268 #1]  WARN -- : Skipping ./src/core/models/abstract/abstract-geo.js due to CC::Parser::Client::HTTPError
W, [2021-01-11T04:18:59.235379 #1]  WARN -- : Response status: 422
/home/app/.rubies/ruby-2.5.1/lib/ruby/gems/2.5.0/gems/concurrent-ruby-1.0.0/lib/concurrent/atomic/mutex_atomic_fixnum.rb:80: warning: constant ::Fixnum is deprecated
eslint engine documentation
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Module not supported: eslint-plugin-ava
Module not supported: eslint-plugin-unicorn
Module not supported: eslint-plugin-sql
        throw e;

Error: Cannot find module 'eslint-plugin-unicorn'
Require stack:
- /usr/local/node_modules/eslint/lib/config/config-file.js
- /usr/src/app/lib/eslint-patch.js
- /usr/src/app/lib/eslint.js
- /usr/src/app/bin/eslint.js
Referenced from: /code/.eslintrc
    at Function.Module._resolveFilename (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:610:15)
    at Function.resolve (internal/modules/cjs/helpers.js:21:19)
    at resolve (/usr/local/node_modules/eslint/lib/config/config-file.js:498:31)
    at load (/usr/local/node_modules/eslint/lib/config/config-file.js:579:26)
    at /usr/local/node_modules/eslint/lib/config/config-file.js:453:36
    at Array.reduceRight (<anonymous>)
    at applyExtends (/usr/local/node_modules/eslint/lib/config/config-file.js:431:26)
    at loadFromDisk (/usr/local/node_modules/eslint/lib/config/config-file.js:551:22)
    at Object.load (/usr/local/node_modules/eslint/lib/config/config-file.js:587:20)
    at Config.getLocalConfigHierarchy (/usr/local/node_modules/eslint/lib/config.js:240:44)