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<h2>About the DojoList open source project</h2>
<h3>The aim of this project is to create, as a community, an easy to use, open source system to create, maintain and share lists of Judo clubs (dojo).</h3>

<p>The system needs to be flexible and encourage individuals to maintain their own records whilst allowing easy access and visibility to the data it produces. The data needs to be able to be shared easily between installations so that all installations benefit from the updates from other sites.</p>
    <li>Web based</li>
    <li>Open Source(AGPL)</li>
    <li>Open Data (creative commons)</li>
    <li>Easy to use (simple interface)</li>
    <li>Users can update their own data</li>
    <li>Data is easily found and viewed (search, maps, etc)</li>
    <li>Data is easily shared (HTML, XML, KML, RSS etc)</li>
    <li>Installations can "sync" data with one another.</li>
    <li>Code is in easy to access language (PHP)</li>
    <li>Open standards are used whenever possible (XML, etc)</li>
    <li>Installable from FTP only accounts</li>
    <li>Coding standards used (PHP CodeSniffer)</li>
    <li>Developed in public (GitHub, Pivotal Tracker, etc)</li>


<p>This project is designed to be used by area, national and international bodies. It will provide an easy to implement, open solution to ensure that the public can find local Judo club information that is accurate, up to date and easy to find.</p>

<h3>The goal is NOT to create a single "silo" of data about Judo clubs rather to allow data to be collected, maintained and shared easily. This was highlighted in the recent article about our project in the ORGzine (The UK equivalent of the EFF) <a href=""></a></h3>

<p>Currently all code is available on GitHub and feature planning and management done on Pivotal Tracker. Documentation is included in the project or on the GitHub wiki (<a href=""></a>). Discussion is on (moving to) <a href=""></a> via <br />All discussion about the project is done on this mailing list to ensure transparency. Bugs are tracked using the GitHub bug tracker.</p>

<p>Currently (August 2010), Lance Wicks is the benevolent dictator for this project. As the project develops the structure may change to a more inclusive structure.</p>

<h2>Development Status - BETA</h2>
<p>The project started with the initial commit to the Git repository by Lance Wick on October 10th 2009. It has continued development and as of August 2010 is stable and reliable. The data stored on is relatively safe and we do not have any major known bugs.</p>
<p>The software can be downloaded direct as a .zip from and then installed on your own web server. Alternatively you can clone the current source from the GitHub repository.</p>
<h1>Getting Involved</h1>
<p>The project needs users, developers, testers, subject experts, documentation writers and more. Please browse the GitHub site to learn about the project and browse and join the mailing list (<a href=""></a>) to ask questions.</p>

<p><em>This page last updated: 23 March 2011</em></p>