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Test Coverage
# Contributing to Figaro

Figaro is open source and contributions from the community are encouraged! No
 contribution is too small.

Please consider:

* Adding a feature
* Squashing a bug
* Writing documentation
* Fixing a typo
* Correcting [style](

## How do I contribute?

For the best chance of having your changes merged, please:

1. [Fork]( the project.
2. [Write]( a failing test.
3. [Commit]( changes that fix the tests.
4. [Submit]( a pull request with *at least* one animated GIF.
5. Be patient.

If your proposed changes only affect documentation, include the following on a
new line in each of your commit messages:

[ci skip]

This will signal [Travis]( that running the test suite is
not necessary for these changes.

## Bug Reports

If you are experiencing unexpected behavior and, after having read Figaro's
documentation, are convinced this behavior is a bug, please:

1. [Search]( existing issues.
2. Collect enough information to reproduce the issue:
  * Figaro version
  * Ruby version
  * Rails version
  * Specific setup conditions
  * Description of expected behavior
  * Description of actual behavior
3. [Submit]( an issue.
4. Be patient.