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# XOOPS Security Policy

XOOPS takes the security of our software products and services seriously, which includes all source code repositories managed through our GitHub organizations. 
This documentation provides guidelines and standard procedures regarding maintaining security with our software.

## Supported Versions

By default, only the latest version built from branch `master` (or `main`) is supported with security updates.

## Reporting a Vulnerability

**Please do not report security vulnerabilities through public GitHub issues.**

Instead, please report (suspected) security vulnerabilities to
**[](**. You will receive a response from
us within 48 hours. If the issue is confirmed, we will release a patch as soon
as possible depending on complexity, and you'll receive a credit in our changelog.

Please use a descriptive subject line for your report email. After the initial
reply to your report, the security team will endeavor to keep you informed of
the progress being made towards a fix and announcement.

In addition, please include the following information along with your report:

* Your name and affiliation (if any).
* A description of the technical details of the vulnerabilities. It is very
  important to let us know how we can reproduce your findings.
* Type of issue (e.g. buffer overflow, SQL injection, cross-site scripting, etc.)
* Full paths of source file(s) related to the manifestation of the issue
* The location of the affected source code (tag/branch/commit or direct URL)
* Any special configuration required to reproduce the issue
* Step-by-step instructions to reproduce the issue
* Proof-of-concept or exploit code (if possible)
* Impact of the issue, including how an attacker might exploit the issue

This information will help us triage your report more quickly.