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Remove last traces of Travis CI (#1697) #97
Leo Arnold authored 3c89aefc
An engine encountered an error
E10 Error

We had trouble running the rubocop engine.

The engine's output shown below may indicate the cause of the error.

If not, please contact us so we can investigate further.

git clone
codeclimate validate-config
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codeclimate validate-config
No errors or warnings found in .codeclimate.yml.
codeclimate prepare
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codeclimate prepare
builder pull-engines
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determining required images
docker pull codeclimate/codeclimate-rubocop:b373
b373: Pulling from codeclimate/codeclimate-rubocop
ab7e51e37a18: Pulling fs layer
a3ed95caeb02: Pulling fs layer
442b117d3b3d: Pulling fs layer
b55acd437fdd: Pulling fs layer
85b6435fbecb: Pulling fs layer
dae88c5227db: Pulling fs layer
488697fd6c5d: Pulling fs layer
8fcbcdc5ec3f: Pulling fs layer
e614deca59a8: Pulling fs layer
d14e6893c4a6: Pulling fs layer
85b6435fbecb: Waiting
dae88c5227db: Waiting
488697fd6c5d: Waiting
8fcbcdc5ec3f: Waiting
e614deca59a8: Waiting
d14e6893c4a6: Waiting
b55acd437fdd: Waiting
a3ed95caeb02: Verifying Checksum
a3ed95caeb02: Download complete
442b117d3b3d: Verifying Checksum
442b117d3b3d: Download complete
85b6435fbecb: Verifying Checksum
85b6435fbecb: Download complete
ab7e51e37a18: Verifying Checksum
ab7e51e37a18: Download complete
ab7e51e37a18: Pull complete
488697fd6c5d: Verifying Checksum
488697fd6c5d: Download complete
a3ed95caeb02: Pull complete
dae88c5227db: Verifying Checksum
dae88c5227db: Download complete
b55acd437fdd: Verifying Checksum
b55acd437fdd: Download complete
442b117d3b3d: Pull complete
e614deca59a8: Verifying Checksum
e614deca59a8: Download complete
d14e6893c4a6: Verifying Checksum
d14e6893c4a6: Download complete
8fcbcdc5ec3f: Verifying Checksum
8fcbcdc5ec3f: Download complete
b55acd437fdd: Pull complete
85b6435fbecb: Pull complete
dae88c5227db: Pull complete
488697fd6c5d: Pull complete
8fcbcdc5ec3f: Pull complete
e614deca59a8: Pull complete
d14e6893c4a6: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:143b71b19464a9a5eb02db5a17d67e9e44ac2215ee78bcfcf1452b354414c658
Status: Downloaded newer image for
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Parser process id: 12
codeclimate-parser socket not present
waiting 1s...
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Parser process id: 12
codeclimate-parser socket not present
waiting 1s...
I, [2023-11-12T03:34:38.265817 #1]  INFO -- : Skipping file ./lib/active_graph/transactions.rb due to exception (Racc::ParseError): ./lib/active_graph/transactions.rb:12 :: parse error on value "**" (error)
rubocop engine documentation
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/usr/local/bundle/gems/rubocop-0.52.1/lib/rubocop/config.rb:510:in `check_target_ruby': Unknown Ruby version 3.1 found in `TargetRubyVersion` parameter (in .rubocop.yml). (RuboCop::ValidationError)
Supported versions: 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5
	from /usr/local/bundle/gems/rubocop-0.52.1/lib/rubocop/config.rb:313:in `validate'
	from /usr/local/bundle/gems/rubocop-0.52.1/lib/rubocop/config.rb:201:in `check'
	from /usr/local/bundle/gems/rubocop-0.52.1/lib/rubocop/config.rb:194:in `create'
	from /usr/local/bundle/gems/rubocop-0.52.1/lib/rubocop/config_loader.rb:48:in `load_file'
	from /usr/local/bundle/gems/rubocop-0.52.1/lib/rubocop/config_loader.rb:79:in `configuration_from_file'
	from /usr/local/bundle/gems/rubocop-0.52.1/lib/rubocop/config_store.rb:44:in `for'
	from /usr/src/app/lib/cc/engine/file_list_resolver.rb:38:in `rubocop_file_to_include?'
	from /usr/src/app/lib/cc/engine/file_list_resolver.rb:16:in `block in expanded_list'
	from /usr/src/app/lib/cc/engine/file_list_resolver.rb:13:in `each'
	from /usr/src/app/lib/cc/engine/file_list_resolver.rb:13:in `flat_map'
	from /usr/src/app/lib/cc/engine/file_list_resolver.rb:13:in `expanded_list'
	from /usr/src/app/lib/cc/engine/rubocop.rb:49:in `files_to_inspect'
	from /usr/src/app/lib/cc/engine/rubocop.rb:29:in `block in run'
	from /usr/src/app/lib/cc/engine/rubocop.rb:28:in `chdir'
	from /usr/src/app/lib/cc/engine/rubocop.rb:28:in `run'
	from /usr/src/app/bin/codeclimate-rubocop:17:in `<main>'