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Test Coverage
This is a template for making a pull-request. You can remove the text and sections and write your own thing if you wish, just make sure you give enough information about how and why. If you have any issues or difficulties, don't hesitate to open an issue so we can help.

# Description

This PR aims at adding this feature...

# Proposed Changes

I changed the `foo()` function so that ...

# Checklist

Here are some things to check before creating the PR. If you encounter any issues, do let us know :)

- [ ] I have read the [CONTRIBUTING]( file.
- [ ] My PR is targetted at the **dev branch** (and not towards the master branch).
- [ ] I ran the [CODE CHECKS]( on the files I added or modified and fixed the errors.
- [ ] I have added the newly added features to **News.rst** (if applicable)