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Test Coverage

Thanks for improving this project!

Before doing so, there are a few checks to do in
 order to get your PR merged asap. Just fill in the
 following template.


Fixes #

### Proposed changes

<!-- Check the boxes with a `x` like so `[x]` -->

### Code quality
- [ ] I made some tests for my changes
- [ ] I added my name in the
 field of the package.json file

### License
To get your contribution merged, you must check the following.

- [ ] I read the project license in the LICENSE file
- [ ] I agree with publishing under this project license


If you already maintain several NPM modules / NodeJS
 project, making significant changes on one of my modules
 automatically legitimates you as a core developer.

This is because i could die or even not give a shit to
 this project someday and i don't want people to get

If you want to help, fill the following with to get
GitHub/NPM r/w access.

### Join
- [ ] I wish to join the core team
- [ ] I agree that with great powers comes responsibilities
- [ ] I'm a nice person

My NPM username: