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# Lumen File Manager

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File manager module for the [Lumen PHP framework](

**Please note that this module is still under active development.**

**NOTE**: Branch 5.1 is for using Lumen Framework 5.1 and 5.2. Only bug fixes for 1.1.X should be tagged here.

## Requirements

- PHP 5.6 or newer
- [Composer](

## Usage

### Installation

Run the following command to install the package through Composer:

composer require nordsoftware/lumen-file-manager

### Bootstrapping

**Please note that we only support Doctrine for now, but we plan to add Eloquent support soon.**

Add the following lines to ```bootstrap/app.php```:

$app->register('Nord\Lumen\FileManager\Doctrine\ORM\DoctrineServiceProvider'); // For ORM
// $app->register('Nord\Lumen\FileManager\Doctrine\ODM\DoctrineServiceProvider'); // For ODM

Add ```base_path('vendor/nordsoftware/lumen-file-manager/src/Doctrine/ORM/Resources')``` to your Doctrine mapping paths.

For ODM, add ```base_path('vendor/nordsoftware/lumen-file-manager/src/Doctrine/ODM/Resources')```.

You can now use the ```FileManager``` facade or inject the ```Nord\Lumen\FileManager\Contracts\FileManager``` where needed.

### Example

Below is an example of how to use this module to save a file from the request
and return a JSON response with the saved file's ID and URL.

public function uploadFile(Request $request, FileManager $fileManager)
    $file = $fileManager->saveFile($request->file('upload'));

    return Response::json([
        'id' => $file->getId(),
        'url' => $fileManager->getFileUrl($file),

## Contributing

Please read the [guidelines](.github/

## License