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package worldweather

import (

const (
    weatherAPIEndpointFormat = "https://api.worldweatheronline.com/free/v2/%s.ashx"

// Config contains some configuration variables for World Weather.
type Config struct {
    apiKey string

// NewConfig returns initialized Config struct with default settings.
// APIKey is empty at this point. This can be set by feeding this instance to json.Unmarshal/yaml.Unmarshal,
// or by direct assignment.
func NewConfig(apiKey string) *Config {
    return &Config{
        apiKey: apiKey,

// Client is a API client for World Weather.
type Client struct {
    config *Config

// NewClient creates and returns new API client with given Config struct.
func NewClient(config *Config) *Client {
    return &Client{config: config}

func (client *Client) buildEndpoint(apiType string, queryParams *url.Values) *url.URL {
    if queryParams == nil {
        queryParams = &url.Values{}
    queryParams.Add("key", client.config.apiKey)
    queryParams.Add("format", "json")

    requestURL, err := url.Parse(fmt.Sprintf(weatherAPIEndpointFormat, apiType))
    if err != nil {
        panic(fmt.Errorf("failed to parse construct URL for %s: %w", apiType, err))
    requestURL.RawQuery = queryParams.Encode()

    return requestURL

// Get makes HTTP GET request to World Weather API endpoint.
func (client *Client) Get(ctx context.Context, apiType string, queryParams *url.Values, data interface{}) error {
    endpoint := client.buildEndpoint(apiType, queryParams)
    req, err := http.NewRequest(http.MethodGet, endpoint.String(), nil)
    if err != nil {
        return fmt.Errorf("failed to build request: %w", err)

    resp, err := http.DefaultClient.Do(req)
    if err != nil {
        return fmt.Errorf("failed on GET request for %s: %w", apiType, err)

    defer resp.Body.Close()
    if resp.StatusCode != http.StatusOK {
        return fmt.Errorf("response status %d is returned", resp.StatusCode)

    body, err := ioutil.ReadAll(resp.Body)
    if err != nil {
        return fmt.Errorf("failed to read response: %w", err)

    if err := json.Unmarshal(body, data); err != nil {
        return fmt.Errorf("failed to parse returned json data: %w", err)

    return nil

// LocalWeather fetches given location's weather.
func (client *Client) LocalWeather(ctx context.Context, location string) (*LocalWeatherResponse, error) {
    queryParams := &url.Values{}
    queryParams.Add("q", location)
    data := &LocalWeatherResponse{}
    if err := client.Get(ctx, "weather", queryParams, data); err != nil {
        return nil, fmt.Errorf("failed getting weather data: %w", err)

    return data, nil