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package gitter

import (

// Config contains some configuration variables for Gitter Adapter.
type Config struct {
    // Token declares the API token to integrate with Gitter.
    Token string `json:"token" yaml:"token"`

    // RetryPolicy declares how a retrial for an API call should behave.
    RetryPolicy *retry.Policy `json:"retry_policy" yaml:"retry_policy"`

// NewConfig creates and returns a new Config instance with default settings.
// Token is empty at this point as there can not be a default value.
// Use json.Unmarshal, yaml.Unmarshal, or manual manipulation to populate the blank value or override those default values.
func NewConfig() *Config {
    return &Config{
        Token: "",
        RetryPolicy: &retry.Policy{
            Trial:    10,
            Interval: 500 * time.Millisecond,