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package gitter

import (

var (
    // ErrEmptyPayload is an error that represents an empty payload.
    ErrEmptyPayload = errors.New("empty payload was given")

// MessageReceiver defines an interface that receives RoomMessage over Streaming API.
type MessageReceiver interface {
    // Receive reads a new incoming message and return this as RoomMessage.
    // This blocks till a new message comes.
    Receive() (*RoomMessage, error)

// Connection defines an interface that satisfies both MessageReceiver and io.Closer.
type Connection interface {

// connWrapper stashes a connection for a designated Room to utilize HTTP streaming API.
type connWrapper struct {
    Room       *Room
    readCloser io.ReadCloser

var _ Connection = (*connWrapper)(nil)

// newConnWrapper creates and returns a new connection wrapper for a given Room in a form of Connection.
func newConnWrapper(room *Room, readCloser io.ReadCloser) Connection {
    return &connWrapper{
        Room:       room,
        readCloser: readCloser,

// Receive reads a new incoming message and return this as RoomMessage.
func (conn *connWrapper) Receive() (*RoomMessage, error) {
    // The document reads "The JSON stream returns messages as JSON objects that are delimited by carriage return (\r)"
    // but seems like '\n' is given, instead. Weired.
    reader := bufio.NewReader(conn.readCloser)
    line, err := reader.ReadBytes('\n')
    if err != nil {
        return nil, err

    message, err := decodePayload(line)
    if err != nil {
        return nil, err

    return NewRoomMessage(conn.Room, message), nil

// Close closes its connection to Gitter's Streaming API.
func (conn *connWrapper) Close() error {
    return conn.readCloser.Close()

func decodePayload(payload []byte) (*Message, error) {
    // https://developer.gitter.im/docs/streaming-api#json-stream-application-json-
    // Parsers must be tolerant of extra newline characters occasionally placed in between messages.
    // These characters are sent as periodic "keep-alive" messages to tell clients and NAT firewalls
    // that the connection is still alive during low message volume periods.
    payload = bytes.TrimSpace(payload)
    if len(payload) == 0 {
        return nil, ErrEmptyPayload

    message := &Message{}
    if err := json.Unmarshal(payload, message); err != nil {
        return nil, NewMalformedPayloadError(err.Error())

    return message, nil

// RoomMessage is a sarah.Input implementation that represents a received message.
type RoomMessage struct {
    // Room represents where the message was sent.
    Room *Room

    // ReceivedMessage represents the received message.
    ReceivedMessage *Message

var _ sarah.Input = (*RoomMessage)(nil)

// NewRoomMessage creates and returns a new RoomMessage instance.
func NewRoomMessage(room *Room, message *Message) *RoomMessage {
    return &RoomMessage{
        Room:            room,
        ReceivedMessage: message,

// SenderKey returns the message sender's id.
func (message *RoomMessage) SenderKey() string {
    return fmt.Sprintf("%s|%s", message.Room.ID, message.ReceivedMessage.FromUser.ID)

// Message returns the received text.
func (message *RoomMessage) Message() string {
    return message.ReceivedMessage.Text

// SentAt returns when the message is sent.
func (message *RoomMessage) SentAt() time.Time {
    return message.ReceivedMessage.SendTimeStamp.Time

// ReplyTo returns the Room the message was sent.
func (message *RoomMessage) ReplyTo() sarah.OutputDestination {
    return message.Room

// MalformedPayloadError represents an error that a given JSON payload is not properly formatted.
// e.g. required fields are not given, or payload is not a valid JSON string.
type MalformedPayloadError struct {
    // Err tells the error reason.
    Err string

// Error returns its error message.
func (e *MalformedPayloadError) Error() string {
    return e.Err

// NewMalformedPayloadError creates a new MalformedPayloadError instance with the given error message.
func NewMalformedPayloadError(str string) *MalformedPayloadError {
    return &MalformedPayloadError{Err: str}