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Test Coverage
// Copyright 2017-2022 @polkadot/api authors & contributors
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0

import type { ApiTypes, DecorateMethod } from '@polkadot/api/types';
import type { Registry } from '@polkadot/types/types';

import { ApiBase } from '@polkadot/api/base';
import { assert, isFunction } from '@polkadot/util';

import { Abi } from '../Abi';

export abstract class Base<ApiType extends ApiTypes> {
  public readonly abi: Abi;

  public readonly api: ApiBase<ApiType>;

  protected readonly _decorateMethod: DecorateMethod<ApiType>;

  constructor (api: ApiBase<ApiType>, abi: string | Record<string, unknown> | Abi, decorateMethod: DecorateMethod<ApiType>) {
    this.abi = abi instanceof Abi
      ? abi
      : new Abi(abi, api.registry.getChainProperties());
    this.api = api;

    this._decorateMethod = decorateMethod;

    assert(!!(api && api.isConnected && api.tx), 'Your API has not been initialized correctly and is not connected to a chain');
    assert(!!(api.tx.contracts && Object.keys(api.tx.contracts).length), 'You need to connect to a chain with a runtime that supports contracts');
    assert(isFunction(api.tx.contracts.instantiateWithCode), 'You need to connect to a chain with a runtime with a V3 contracts module. The runtime does not expose api.tx.contracts.instantiateWithCode');

  public get registry (): Registry {
    return this.api.registry;