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Test Coverage
# frozen_string_literal: true

# Copyright September 2008, Gregory Brown, James Healy  All Rights Reserved.
# This is free software. Please see the LICENSE and COPYING files for details.
module Prawn
  # @private
  module Encoding
    # Map between unicode and WinAnsiEnoding
    class WinAnsi #:nodoc:
      CHARACTERS = %w[
        .notdef .notdef .notdef .notdef
        .notdef .notdef .notdef .notdef
        .notdef .notdef .notdef .notdef
        .notdef .notdef .notdef .notdef
        .notdef .notdef .notdef .notdef
        .notdef .notdef .notdef .notdef
        .notdef .notdef .notdef .notdef
        .notdef .notdef .notdef .notdef

        space exclam quotedbl numbersign
        dollar percent ampersand quotesingle
        parenleft parenright asterisk plus
        comma hyphen period slash
        zero one two three
        four five six seven
        eight nine colon semicolon
        less equal greater question

        at A B C
        D E F G
        H I J K
        L M N O
        P Q R S
        T U V W
        X Y Z bracketleft
        backslash bracketright asciicircum underscore

        grave a b c
        d e f g
        h i j k
        l m n o
        p q r s
        t u v w
        x y z braceleft
        bar braceright asciitilde .notdef

        Euro .notdef quotesinglbase florin
        quotedblbase ellipsis dagger daggerdbl
        circumflex perthousand Scaron guilsinglleft
        OE .notdef Zcaron .notdef
        .notdef quoteleft quoteright quotedblleft
        quotedblright bullet endash emdash
        tilde trademark scaron guilsinglright
        oe .notdef zcaron ydieresis

        space exclamdown cent sterling
        currency yen brokenbar section
        dieresis copyright ordfeminine guillemotleft
        logicalnot hyphen registered macron
        degree plusminus twosuperior threesuperior
        acute mu paragraph periodcentered
        cedilla onesuperior ordmasculine guillemotright
        onequarter onehalf threequarters questiondown

        Agrave Aacute Acircumflex Atilde
        Adieresis Aring AE Ccedilla
        Egrave Eacute Ecircumflex Edieresis
        Igrave Iacute Icircumflex Idieresis
        Eth Ntilde Ograve Oacute
        Ocircumflex Otilde Odieresis multiply
        Oslash Ugrave Uacute Ucircumflex
        Udieresis Yacute Thorn germandbls

        agrave aacute acircumflex atilde
        adieresis aring ae ccedilla
        egrave eacute ecircumflex edieresis
        igrave iacute icircumflex idieresis
        eth ntilde ograve oacute
        ocircumflex otilde odieresis divide
        oslash ugrave uacute ucircumflex
        udieresis yacute thorn ydieresis