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Merge pull request #370 from progfay/renovate/typescript-4.x #868
Shunsuke Mano authored 68493505
git clone
codeclimate validate-config
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codeclimate validate-config
No errors or warnings found in .codeclimate.json.
codeclimate prepare
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codeclimate prepare
builder pull-engines
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determining required images
docker pull
b1593: Pulling from codeclimate/codeclimate-structure
75cb2ebf3b3c: Pulling fs layer
bf9f7b182d6c: Pulling fs layer
461a61885f7f: Pulling fs layer
738bfc0b1b83: Pulling fs layer
f248be4f06a5: Pulling fs layer
160452ef8fdb: Pulling fs layer
8a73e8c17034: Pulling fs layer
930939f7188e: Pulling fs layer
79429db77dec: Pulling fs layer
9efa0c860c37: Pulling fs layer
45258a607d37: Pulling fs layer
c95d9433f142: Pulling fs layer
5d7a65bbb8f4: Pulling fs layer
45acfff98cc1: Pulling fs layer
39a951b23398: Pulling fs layer
6494aedf7d27: Pulling fs layer
908e4eb6e748: Pulling fs layer
03ea0c8e383b: Pulling fs layer
8d724bca466d: Pulling fs layer
ca19cbfaf9cf: Pulling fs layer
0d74630eebd7: Pulling fs layer
dd6cc9f7261d: Pulling fs layer
dc3f2318377e: Pulling fs layer
6449a0237e74: Pulling fs layer
69e2a768e61b: Pulling fs layer
8c24ab75c3ec: Pulling fs layer
4015694c1239: Pulling fs layer
cc2e2682fd90: Pulling fs layer
41ac100ea00c: Pulling fs layer
a2e23abf5784: Pulling fs layer
0fb25f9b747b: Pulling fs layer
5bad2135a70d: Pulling fs layer
d09426768663: Pulling fs layer
c5c7acc614dc: Pulling fs layer
0a8c584afec0: Pulling fs layer
40223e61b90a: Pulling fs layer
b1a6a43e4f37: Pulling fs layer
1db6c96f2e25: Pulling fs layer
a5d85c4e8366: Pulling fs layer
8bec33665050: Pulling fs layer
8a2cb22722e9: Pulling fs layer
b16c98e909ab: Pulling fs layer
d0cfb90eaabc: Pulling fs layer
d90bf6485f08: Pulling fs layer
2d2148bbe508: Pulling fs layer
d90598121cac: Pulling fs layer
d072530a3378: Pulling fs layer
e198cf3b1351: Pulling fs layer
e198cf3b1351: Waiting
6449a0237e74: Waiting
bf9f7b182d6c: Download complete
461a61885f7f: Download complete
69e2a768e61b: Waiting
8c24ab75c3ec: Waiting
4015694c1239: Waiting
cc2e2682fd90: Waiting
41ac100ea00c: Waiting
a2e23abf5784: Waiting
0fb25f9b747b: Waiting
5bad2135a70d: Waiting
d09426768663: Waiting
c5c7acc614dc: Waiting
0a8c584afec0: Waiting
40223e61b90a: Waiting
b1a6a43e4f37: Waiting
1db6c96f2e25: Waiting
f248be4f06a5: Download complete
160452ef8fdb: Download complete
930939f7188e: Waiting
79429db77dec: Waiting
9efa0c860c37: Waiting
45258a607d37: Waiting
c95d9433f142: Waiting
5d7a65bbb8f4: Waiting
45acfff98cc1: Waiting
39a951b23398: Waiting
6494aedf7d27: Waiting
908e4eb6e748: Waiting
03ea0c8e383b: Waiting
8d724bca466d: Waiting
ca19cbfaf9cf: Waiting
0d74630eebd7: Waiting
dd6cc9f7261d: Waiting
dc3f2318377e: Waiting
d0cfb90eaabc: Waiting
a5d85c4e8366: Waiting
8bec33665050: Waiting
d90bf6485f08: Waiting
2d2148bbe508: Waiting
d90598121cac: Waiting
d072530a3378: Waiting
8a2cb22722e9: Waiting
b16c98e909ab: Waiting
930939f7188e: Verifying Checksum
930939f7188e: Download complete
79429db77dec: Verifying Checksum
79429db77dec: Download complete
9efa0c860c37: Download complete
45258a607d37: Verifying Checksum
45258a607d37: Download complete
c95d9433f142: Verifying Checksum
c95d9433f142: Download complete
75cb2ebf3b3c: Pull complete
5d7a65bbb8f4: Verifying Checksum
5d7a65bbb8f4: Download complete
bf9f7b182d6c: Pull complete
461a61885f7f: Pull complete
45acfff98cc1: Verifying Checksum
45acfff98cc1: Download complete
39a951b23398: Verifying Checksum
39a951b23398: Download complete
6494aedf7d27: Verifying Checksum
6494aedf7d27: Download complete
908e4eb6e748: Verifying Checksum
908e4eb6e748: Download complete
03ea0c8e383b: Verifying Checksum
03ea0c8e383b: Download complete
8d724bca466d: Verifying Checksum
8d724bca466d: Download complete
ca19cbfaf9cf: Verifying Checksum
ca19cbfaf9cf: Download complete
0d74630eebd7: Verifying Checksum
0d74630eebd7: Download complete
8a73e8c17034: Verifying Checksum
8a73e8c17034: Download complete
dd6cc9f7261d: Verifying Checksum
dd6cc9f7261d: Download complete
dc3f2318377e: Download complete
69e2a768e61b: Download complete
6449a0237e74: Verifying Checksum
6449a0237e74: Download complete
4015694c1239: Download complete
cc2e2682fd90: Download complete
41ac100ea00c: Download complete
8c24ab75c3ec: Verifying Checksum
8c24ab75c3ec: Download complete
a2e23abf5784: Verifying Checksum
a2e23abf5784: Download complete
0fb25f9b747b: Download complete
d09426768663: Verifying Checksum
d09426768663: Download complete
c5c7acc614dc: Verifying Checksum
c5c7acc614dc: Download complete
0a8c584afec0: Verifying Checksum
0a8c584afec0: Download complete
40223e61b90a: Verifying Checksum
40223e61b90a: Download complete
b1a6a43e4f37: Verifying Checksum
b1a6a43e4f37: Download complete
5bad2135a70d: Verifying Checksum
5bad2135a70d: Download complete
1db6c96f2e25: Download complete
a5d85c4e8366: Download complete
8bec33665050: Download complete
8a2cb22722e9: Verifying Checksum
8a2cb22722e9: Download complete
b16c98e909ab: Download complete
d0cfb90eaabc: Download complete
d90bf6485f08: Verifying Checksum
d90bf6485f08: Download complete
2d2148bbe508: Verifying Checksum
2d2148bbe508: Download complete
d90598121cac: Verifying Checksum
d90598121cac: Download complete
e198cf3b1351: Verifying Checksum
e198cf3b1351: Download complete
d072530a3378: Download complete
738bfc0b1b83: Download complete
738bfc0b1b83: Pull complete
f248be4f06a5: Pull complete
160452ef8fdb: Pull complete
8a73e8c17034: Pull complete
930939f7188e: Pull complete
79429db77dec: Pull complete
9efa0c860c37: Pull complete
45258a607d37: Pull complete
c95d9433f142: Pull complete
5d7a65bbb8f4: Pull complete
45acfff98cc1: Pull complete
39a951b23398: Pull complete
6494aedf7d27: Pull complete
908e4eb6e748: Pull complete
03ea0c8e383b: Pull complete
8d724bca466d: Pull complete
ca19cbfaf9cf: Pull complete
0d74630eebd7: Pull complete
dd6cc9f7261d: Pull complete
dc3f2318377e: Pull complete
6449a0237e74: Pull complete
69e2a768e61b: Pull complete
8c24ab75c3ec: Pull complete
4015694c1239: Pull complete
cc2e2682fd90: Pull complete
41ac100ea00c: Pull complete
a2e23abf5784: Pull complete
0fb25f9b747b: Pull complete
5bad2135a70d: Pull complete
d09426768663: Pull complete
c5c7acc614dc: Pull complete
0a8c584afec0: Pull complete
40223e61b90a: Pull complete
b1a6a43e4f37: Pull complete
1db6c96f2e25: Pull complete
a5d85c4e8366: Pull complete
8bec33665050: Pull complete
8a2cb22722e9: Pull complete
b16c98e909ab: Pull complete
d0cfb90eaabc: Pull complete
d90bf6485f08: Pull complete
2d2148bbe508: Pull complete
d90598121cac: Pull complete
d072530a3378: Pull complete
e198cf3b1351: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:63601288051ac8d71d910dc2cee871bf0d22c5bf7e4a3a66e313ef5047a9f2fe
Status: Image is up to date for
docker pull
b1254: Pulling from codeclimate/codeclimate-duplication
75cb2ebf3b3c: Already exists
bf9f7b182d6c: Already exists
461a61885f7f: Already exists
738bfc0b1b83: Already exists
f248be4f06a5: Already exists
160452ef8fdb: Already exists
8a73e8c17034: Already exists
930939f7188e: Already exists
79429db77dec: Already exists
9efa0c860c37: Already exists
45258a607d37: Already exists
c95d9433f142: Already exists
5d7a65bbb8f4: Already exists
45acfff98cc1: Already exists
39a951b23398: Already exists
6494aedf7d27: Already exists
908e4eb6e748: Already exists
03ea0c8e383b: Already exists
8d724bca466d: Already exists
ca19cbfaf9cf: Already exists
0d74630eebd7: Already exists
dd6cc9f7261d: Already exists
dc3f2318377e: Already exists
6449a0237e74: Already exists
69e2a768e61b: Already exists
8c24ab75c3ec: Already exists
4015694c1239: Already exists
cc2e2682fd90: Already exists
41ac100ea00c: Already exists
a2e23abf5784: Already exists
0fb25f9b747b: Already exists
5bad2135a70d: Already exists
d09426768663: Already exists
c5c7acc614dc: Already exists
0a8c584afec0: Already exists
40223e61b90a: Already exists
b1a6a43e4f37: Already exists
1db6c96f2e25: Already exists
a5d85c4e8366: Already exists
8bec33665050: Already exists
8a2cb22722e9: Already exists
b16c98e909ab: Already exists
d0cfb90eaabc: Already exists
d90bf6485f08: Already exists
3cd878108168: Already exists
3322bb71c8e9: Already exists
22fbbee25797: Pulling fs layer
6e28420913f7: Pulling fs layer
0a175d425193: Pulling fs layer
cf818c6259f3: Pulling fs layer
e929626cf0b2: Pulling fs layer
22fbbee25797: Pull complete
6e28420913f7: Download complete
cf818c6259f3: Download complete
e929626cf0b2: Verifying Checksum
e929626cf0b2: Download complete
0a175d425193: Verifying Checksum
0a175d425193: Download complete
6e28420913f7: Pull complete
0a175d425193: Pull complete
cf818c6259f3: Pull complete
e929626cf0b2: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:d80a157b3093af6422b5e5ff16b9fc2883c66c435848caf6ac557dd06c83c491
Status: Image is up to date for
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Parser process id: 12
codeclimate-parser socket not present
waiting 1s...
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Parser process id: 12
codeclimate-parser socket not present
waiting 1s...
/home/app/.rubies/ruby-2.5.1/lib/ruby/gems/2.5.0/gems/concurrent-ruby-1.0.0/lib/concurrent/atomic/mutex_atomic_fixnum.rb:80: warning: constant ::Fixnum is deprecated