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# Propel2

Propel2 is an open-source Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) for PHP.

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## Requirements

Propel uses the following Symfony Components:

* [Config](
* [Console](
* [Filesystem](
* [Finder](
* [Translation](
* [Validator](
* [Yaml](

Propel primarily relies on [**Composer**]( to manage dependencies, but you
also can use [ClassLoader]( (see the `autoload.php.dist` file for instance).

## Installation

Read the [Propel documentation](

## Contribute

Everybody is welcome to contribute to Propel! Just [fork the repository]( and [create a pull request](

Please include unit tests to verify your changes. Have a look at the [test suite guide]( for more details about test development in Propel, like how to run tests locally. It also has information on how to apply [Propel coding standards](

More detailed information can be found in our [contribution guideline](

Thank you!

## License

MIT. See the `LICENSE` file for details.