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Test Coverage
This directory contains miscellaneous code that is imported from different parts of the codebase.

``_ contains 

- `generate_ast`_ to read any file and generate an AST from it, this is called from ``_ and ``_ when importing a module.

- `get_call_names`_ used in ``_ when visiting a Subscript, and ``_ on function decorators in `is_flask_route_function`_

- `get_call_names_as_string`_ used in ``_ to create ret_function_name as RHS and yld_function_name as LHS, and in when connecting a function to a loop.

- `Arguments`_ used in ``_ when processing the arguments of a user defined function and ``_ to taint function definition arguments.

.. _ast\
.. _generate\_ast:

.. _get\_call\_names:
.. _get\_call\_names\_as\_string:
.. _Arguments:

``_ contains classes created mostly in ``_

- `project_definitions`_ is a global dictionary modifed in the `append_if_local_or_in_imports`_ method of `ModuleDefinitions`_, read in ``_ to `obtain all function nodes`_.

- `ModuleDefinition`_ is created to keep track of parent definitions when visiting functions, classes and files in ``_

- `LocalModuleDefinition`_ is created when visiting functions and classes in ``_

- `ModuleDefinitions`_ contains `append_if_local_or_in_imports`_ which is used in when adding a function or class to the module definitions in 

.. _obtain all function nodes:

``_ contains all the different node types created in ``_ and ``_

``_  contains TODO




.. _\_\_main\_\
.. _stmt\
.. _expr\
.. _framework\
.. _framework\
.. _is\_flask\_route_function:
.. _vars\