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Update dependency rollup to v2.12.1 #281
9147e107662391342cb93ba93f63c1b4Renovate Bot authored 2e2cf0da
git clone
codeclimate validate-config
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codeclimate validate-config
WARNING: missing 'version' key. Please add `version: "2"`
codeclimate prepare
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codeclimate prepare
builder pull-engines
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determining required images
docker pull registry.prod.codeclimate.net/codeclimate/codeclimate-structure:b1588
b1588: Pulling from codeclimate/codeclimate-structure
9fc222b64b0a: Pulling fs layer
00c4ed996f02: Pulling fs layer
0109f5409cb3: Pulling fs layer
fe7158750092: Pulling fs layer
5753fa1548cd: Pulling fs layer
42692dc7e718: Pulling fs layer
fdec430c2ca2: Pulling fs layer
228c446faffc: Pulling fs layer
b6be18d9699b: Pulling fs layer
facca6bfc388: Pulling fs layer
0c0deb9ffa99: Pulling fs layer
e5fc2779e3d6: Pulling fs layer
15a311ec3ff3: Pulling fs layer
24936550aaa6: Pulling fs layer
52dba40977a7: Pulling fs layer
7d89bc0bec01: Pulling fs layer
30cf9a2e9ce9: Pulling fs layer
4fb439fa2901: Pulling fs layer
afd0cf5bd84e: Pulling fs layer
b63073e7667a: Pulling fs layer
3098d832cb57: Pulling fs layer
80e66826aab6: Pulling fs layer
f6fb26a11de7: Pulling fs layer
b43202d1ad1d: Pulling fs layer
2839f707b480: Pulling fs layer
5008acc4fb02: Pulling fs layer
d2dd02443c72: Pulling fs layer
e2ec4be2bec4: Pulling fs layer
067e8aa407ee: Pulling fs layer
466ff43e7ccf: Pulling fs layer
13c6f908dfd3: Pulling fs layer
52dba40977a7: Waiting
66547fc2c565: Pulling fs layer
5753fa1548cd: Download complete
00c4ed996f02: Download complete
dfce8d732d82: Pulling fs layer
42692dc7e718: Download complete
850682dd7a1f: Pulling fs layer
dc6fd126be5e: Pulling fs layer
0c0deb9ffa99: Download complete
228c446faffc: Download complete
72e6fce29965: Pulling fs layer
e5fc2779e3d6: Download complete
b6be18d9699b: Download complete
e2a60339eef3: Pulling fs layer
15a311ec3ff3: Waiting
83e1266b934e: Pulling fs layer
24936550aaa6: Waiting
779ffa290218: Pulling fs layer
4966c1666081: Pulling fs layer
facca6bfc388: Download complete
28484577342a: Pulling fs layer
0109f5409cb3: Download complete
d2dd02443c72: Waiting
bc563a45b8d3: Pulling fs layer
3098d832cb57: Waiting
80e66826aab6: Waiting
5b88470b7c5a: Pulling fs layer
7d89bc0bec01: Waiting
f6fb26a11de7: Waiting
30cf9a2e9ce9: Waiting
b43202d1ad1d: Waiting
31f91a88bdc2: Pulling fs layer
4fb439fa2901: Waiting
d71702bad30d: Pulling fs layer
2839f707b480: Waiting
afd0cf5bd84e: Waiting
0dec204bcc85: Pulling fs layer
8246be890a3a: Pulling fs layer
b63073e7667a: Waiting
5008acc4fb02: Waiting
c6b54c1ac9f5: Pulling fs layer
72e6fce29965: Waiting
13c6f908dfd3: Waiting
66547fc2c565: Waiting
e2ec4be2bec4: Waiting
dfce8d732d82: Waiting
c6b54c1ac9f5: Waiting
067e8aa407ee: Waiting
850682dd7a1f: Waiting
e2a60339eef3: Waiting
466ff43e7ccf: Waiting
dc6fd126be5e: Waiting
83e1266b934e: Waiting
5b88470b7c5a: Waiting
d71702bad30d: Waiting
0dec204bcc85: Waiting
779ffa290218: Waiting
8246be890a3a: Waiting
4966c1666081: Waiting
28484577342a: Waiting
bc563a45b8d3: Waiting
31f91a88bdc2: Waiting
9fc222b64b0a: Pull complete
00c4ed996f02: Pull complete
15a311ec3ff3: Verifying Checksum
15a311ec3ff3: Download complete
0109f5409cb3: Pull complete
24936550aaa6: Verifying Checksum
24936550aaa6: Download complete
52dba40977a7: Verifying Checksum
52dba40977a7: Download complete
7d89bc0bec01: Verifying Checksum
7d89bc0bec01: Download complete
30cf9a2e9ce9: Verifying Checksum
30cf9a2e9ce9: Download complete
4fb439fa2901: Verifying Checksum
4fb439fa2901: Download complete
afd0cf5bd84e: Verifying Checksum
afd0cf5bd84e: Download complete
fdec430c2ca2: Verifying Checksum
fdec430c2ca2: Download complete
b63073e7667a: Verifying Checksum
b63073e7667a: Download complete
3098d832cb57: Verifying Checksum
3098d832cb57: Download complete
80e66826aab6: Verifying Checksum
80e66826aab6: Download complete
f6fb26a11de7: Verifying Checksum
f6fb26a11de7: Download complete
2839f707b480: Verifying Checksum
2839f707b480: Download complete
b43202d1ad1d: Verifying Checksum
b43202d1ad1d: Download complete
d2dd02443c72: Verifying Checksum
d2dd02443c72: Download complete
e2ec4be2bec4: Verifying Checksum
5008acc4fb02: Verifying Checksum
5008acc4fb02: Download complete
067e8aa407ee: Download complete
13c6f908dfd3: Verifying Checksum
13c6f908dfd3: Download complete
466ff43e7ccf: Verifying Checksum
466ff43e7ccf: Download complete
dfce8d732d82: Download complete
850682dd7a1f: Verifying Checksum
850682dd7a1f: Download complete
dc6fd126be5e: Verifying Checksum
dc6fd126be5e: Download complete
66547fc2c565: Verifying Checksum
66547fc2c565: Download complete
72e6fce29965: Download complete
e2a60339eef3: Verifying Checksum
e2a60339eef3: Download complete
83e1266b934e: Download complete
4966c1666081: Verifying Checksum
4966c1666081: Download complete
779ffa290218: Download complete
28484577342a: Verifying Checksum
28484577342a: Download complete
bc563a45b8d3: Download complete
5b88470b7c5a: Download complete
31f91a88bdc2: Verifying Checksum
31f91a88bdc2: Download complete
d71702bad30d: Download complete
0dec204bcc85: Verifying Checksum
0dec204bcc85: Download complete
c6b54c1ac9f5: Download complete
8246be890a3a: Download complete
fe7158750092: Download complete
fe7158750092: Pull complete
5753fa1548cd: Pull complete
42692dc7e718: Pull complete
fdec430c2ca2: Pull complete
228c446faffc: Pull complete
b6be18d9699b: Pull complete
facca6bfc388: Pull complete
0c0deb9ffa99: Pull complete
e5fc2779e3d6: Pull complete
15a311ec3ff3: Pull complete
24936550aaa6: Pull complete
52dba40977a7: Pull complete
7d89bc0bec01: Pull complete
30cf9a2e9ce9: Pull complete
4fb439fa2901: Pull complete
afd0cf5bd84e: Pull complete
b63073e7667a: Pull complete
3098d832cb57: Pull complete
80e66826aab6: Pull complete
f6fb26a11de7: Pull complete
b43202d1ad1d: Pull complete
2839f707b480: Pull complete
5008acc4fb02: Pull complete
d2dd02443c72: Pull complete
e2ec4be2bec4: Pull complete
067e8aa407ee: Pull complete
466ff43e7ccf: Pull complete
13c6f908dfd3: Pull complete
66547fc2c565: Pull complete
dfce8d732d82: Pull complete
850682dd7a1f: Pull complete
dc6fd126be5e: Pull complete
72e6fce29965: Pull complete
e2a60339eef3: Pull complete
83e1266b934e: Pull complete
779ffa290218: Pull complete
4966c1666081: Pull complete
28484577342a: Pull complete
bc563a45b8d3: Pull complete
5b88470b7c5a: Pull complete
31f91a88bdc2: Pull complete
d71702bad30d: Pull complete
0dec204bcc85: Pull complete
8246be890a3a: Pull complete
c6b54c1ac9f5: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:5d1f3c72d9419ff31d215de7d3d494ce76b8c7e7ea0bd4fb166ed4a85d3c0984
Status: Image is up to date for registry.prod.codeclimate.net/codeclimate/codeclimate-structure:b1588
docker pull registry.prod.codeclimate.net/codeclimate/codeclimate-duplication:b1243
b1243: Pulling from codeclimate/codeclimate-duplication
9fc222b64b0a: Already exists
00c4ed996f02: Already exists
0109f5409cb3: Already exists
fe7158750092: Already exists
5753fa1548cd: Already exists
42692dc7e718: Already exists
fdec430c2ca2: Already exists
228c446faffc: Already exists
b6be18d9699b: Already exists
facca6bfc388: Already exists
0c0deb9ffa99: Already exists
e5fc2779e3d6: Already exists
15a311ec3ff3: Already exists
24936550aaa6: Already exists
52dba40977a7: Already exists
7d89bc0bec01: Already exists
30cf9a2e9ce9: Already exists
4fb439fa2901: Already exists
afd0cf5bd84e: Already exists
b63073e7667a: Already exists
3098d832cb57: Already exists
80e66826aab6: Already exists
f6fb26a11de7: Already exists
b43202d1ad1d: Already exists
2839f707b480: Already exists
5008acc4fb02: Already exists
d2dd02443c72: Already exists
e2ec4be2bec4: Already exists
067e8aa407ee: Already exists
466ff43e7ccf: Already exists
13c6f908dfd3: Already exists
66547fc2c565: Already exists
dfce8d732d82: Already exists
850682dd7a1f: Already exists
dc6fd126be5e: Already exists
72e6fce29965: Already exists
e2a60339eef3: Already exists
83e1266b934e: Already exists
779ffa290218: Already exists
4966c1666081: Already exists
28484577342a: Already exists
bc563a45b8d3: Already exists
5b88470b7c5a: Already exists
31f91a88bdc2: Already exists
267e342e77ed: Pulling fs layer
b2299c7f6e3d: Pulling fs layer
64eca9546d17: Pulling fs layer
6df2e2671149: Pulling fs layer
eb99d1b85fc3: Pulling fs layer
faf460802a6f: Pulling fs layer
bdb4ec8f9e96: Pulling fs layer
faf460802a6f: Waiting
6df2e2671149: Waiting
bdb4ec8f9e96: Waiting
eb99d1b85fc3: Waiting
64eca9546d17: Download complete
267e342e77ed: Verifying Checksum
267e342e77ed: Download complete
b2299c7f6e3d: Verifying Checksum
b2299c7f6e3d: Download complete
6df2e2671149: Verifying Checksum
6df2e2671149: Download complete
267e342e77ed: Pull complete
bdb4ec8f9e96: Verifying Checksum
bdb4ec8f9e96: Download complete
faf460802a6f: Verifying Checksum
faf460802a6f: Download complete
eb99d1b85fc3: Verifying Checksum
eb99d1b85fc3: Download complete
b2299c7f6e3d: Pull complete
64eca9546d17: Pull complete
6df2e2671149: Pull complete
eb99d1b85fc3: Pull complete
faf460802a6f: Pull complete
bdb4ec8f9e96: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:252d2d4fd2c0cc7d520b5d2df5e70e9da216f08dccdb2b4446b0605958984863
Status: Downloaded newer image for registry.prod.codeclimate.net/codeclimate/codeclimate-duplication:b1243
docker pull registry.prod.codeclimate.net/codeclimate/codeclimate-eslint:b1284
b1284: Pulling from codeclimate/codeclimate-eslint
bc9ab73e5b14: Pulling fs layer
193a6306c92a: Pulling fs layer
e5c3f8c317dc: Pulling fs layer
a587a86c9dcb: Pulling fs layer
72744d0a318b: Pulling fs layer
ae625339181e: Pulling fs layer
c25b903bb862: Pulling fs layer
79e2dd092b7c: Pulling fs layer
999942ecead9: Pulling fs layer
fae138256ca3: Pulling fs layer
c8df2e183077: Pulling fs layer
dd5c53e3557e: Pulling fs layer
d8041730f36d: Pulling fs layer
6997bfa0feee: Pulling fs layer
67301d1a81ee: Pulling fs layer
ba414e6e57ae: Pulling fs layer
598372293b8a: Pulling fs layer
401c53557cad: Pulling fs layer
bc9ab73e5b14: Waiting
999942ecead9: Waiting
193a6306c92a: Waiting
fae138256ca3: Waiting
c8df2e183077: Waiting
e5c3f8c317dc: Waiting
dd5c53e3557e: Waiting
a587a86c9dcb: Waiting
d8041730f36d: Waiting
72744d0a318b: Waiting
6997bfa0feee: Waiting
ae625339181e: Waiting
c25b903bb862: Waiting
67301d1a81ee: Waiting
79e2dd092b7c: Waiting
ba414e6e57ae: Waiting
401c53557cad: Waiting
193a6306c92a: Verifying Checksum
193a6306c92a: Download complete
bc9ab73e5b14: Verifying Checksum
bc9ab73e5b14: Download complete
e5c3f8c317dc: Verifying Checksum
e5c3f8c317dc: Download complete
ae625339181e: Download complete
c25b903bb862: Verifying Checksum
c25b903bb862: Download complete
a587a86c9dcb: Verifying Checksum
a587a86c9dcb: Download complete
999942ecead9: Verifying Checksum
999942ecead9: Download complete
79e2dd092b7c: Verifying Checksum
79e2dd092b7c: Download complete
fae138256ca3: Download complete
c8df2e183077: Verifying Checksum
c8df2e183077: Download complete
dd5c53e3557e: Verifying Checksum
dd5c53e3557e: Download complete
d8041730f36d: Verifying Checksum
d8041730f36d: Download complete
6997bfa0feee: Download complete
ba414e6e57ae: Verifying Checksum
ba414e6e57ae: Download complete
598372293b8a: Verifying Checksum
598372293b8a: Download complete
bc9ab73e5b14: Pull complete
401c53557cad: Verifying Checksum
401c53557cad: Download complete
67301d1a81ee: Verifying Checksum
67301d1a81ee: Download complete
193a6306c92a: Pull complete
72744d0a318b: Verifying Checksum
72744d0a318b: Download complete
e5c3f8c317dc: Pull complete
a587a86c9dcb: Pull complete
72744d0a318b: Pull complete
ae625339181e: Pull complete
c25b903bb862: Pull complete
79e2dd092b7c: Pull complete
999942ecead9: Pull complete
fae138256ca3: Pull complete
c8df2e183077: Pull complete
dd5c53e3557e: Pull complete
d8041730f36d: Pull complete
6997bfa0feee: Pull complete
67301d1a81ee: Pull complete
ba414e6e57ae: Pull complete
598372293b8a: Pull complete
401c53557cad: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:95bcb528ac5dcb154e48462f666f52b89a23a0fe4511f37d64db6a1ebfbbd0e5
Status: Downloaded newer image for registry.prod.codeclimate.net/codeclimate/codeclimate-eslint:b1284
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Parser process id: 11
codeclimate-parser socket not present
waiting 1s...
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Parser process id: 12
codeclimate-parser socket not present
waiting 1s...
/home/app/.rubies/ruby-2.5.1/lib/ruby/gems/2.5.0/gems/concurrent-ruby-1.0.0/lib/concurrent/atomic/mutex_atomic_fixnum.rb:80: warning: constant ::Fixnum is deprecated
eslint engine documentation
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Ignoring the following rules that rely on module resolution:
	 * import/extensionsimport/named
	 * import/namespace
	 * import/no-absolute-path
	 * import/no-cycle
	 * import/no-duplicates
	 * import/no-extraneous-dependencies
	 * import/no-named-as-default
	 * import/no-named-as-default-member
	 * import/no-restricted-paths
	 * import/no-unresolved
	 * node/no-hide-code-modules
	 * node/no-missing-require
Ignoring the following settings that rely on module resolution:
	 * undefined
Skipped modules
	 * undefined