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Whoops, only did part of the Travis pgsql version bump. #115
297075Charles Pence authored a9e70537
An engine encountered an error
E10 Error

We had trouble running the rubocop engine.

The engine's output shown below may indicate the cause of the error.

If not, please contact us so we can investigate further.

git clone
codeclimate validate-config
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codeclimate validate-config
No errors or warnings found in .codeclimate.json.
codeclimate prepare
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codeclimate prepare
builder pull-engines
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determining required images
docker pull registry.prod.codeclimate.net/codeclimate/codeclimate-structure:b1537
b1537: Pulling from codeclimate/codeclimate-structure
802b00ed6f79: Pulling fs layer
a3ed95caeb02: Pulling fs layer
d5f67f43be07: Pulling fs layer
f63d5f555796: Pulling fs layer
8351fec717c5: Pulling fs layer
a57f28552d00: Pulling fs layer
7a82d620a440: Pulling fs layer
042a77d49c1e: Pulling fs layer
9a20a4eabc85: Pulling fs layer
4cc1e66ad522: Pulling fs layer
f22a37f70d43: Pulling fs layer
59e5725a1a64: Pulling fs layer
bee09e25d3d7: Pulling fs layer
3ad290f5cd93: Pulling fs layer
13d9413eb3c9: Pulling fs layer
4a22d1232f17: Pulling fs layer
78c24e1d756e: Pulling fs layer
0ea80c9d0d14: Pulling fs layer
4e28654724da: Pulling fs layer
a35be11fa2b6: Pulling fs layer
0391ad995703: Pulling fs layer
b3a5a38530e7: Pulling fs layer
88a1cf9276b2: Pulling fs layer
08063e6a3b02: Pulling fs layer
0043a1641b0b: Pulling fs layer
2deff63c66e8: Pulling fs layer
16f7fc2f4041: Pulling fs layer
15916a77a3c5: Pulling fs layer
8351fec717c5: Waiting
c9b015a2c4fc: Pulling fs layer
ea5f3f9c0e7c: Pulling fs layer
6244d38a1023: Pulling fs layer
5b64eadb79b8: Pulling fs layer
f63d5f555796: Waiting
920a6635edf3: Pulling fs layer
e2f443a9e09f: Pulling fs layer
c36b8e489a57: Pulling fs layer
1fde161582cb: Pulling fs layer
13d9413eb3c9: Waiting
7a82d620a440: Waiting
720bf13e2dab: Pulling fs layer
01567be6f79d: Pulling fs layer
4a22d1232f17: Waiting
78c24e1d756e: Waiting
8461fed173b7: Pulling fs layer
042a77d49c1e: Waiting
9a036cb14744: Pulling fs layer
0ea80c9d0d14: Waiting
3c9e85edb74a: Pulling fs layer
f13de0077fbe: Pulling fs layer
3f4f6803ad38: Pulling fs layer
4e28654724da: Waiting
9a20a4eabc85: Waiting
75929270e8f3: Pulling fs layer
88a1cf9276b2: Waiting
a35be11fa2b6: Waiting
0391ad995703: Waiting
4cc1e66ad522: Waiting
f22a37f70d43: Waiting
39e6370b6362: Pulling fs layer
34ae9ea0abf0: Pulling fs layer
59e5725a1a64: Waiting
08063e6a3b02: Waiting
3af3c70f1eb2: Pulling fs layer
bd7514f5dde5: Pulling fs layer
0043a1641b0b: Waiting
2deff63c66e8: Waiting
720bf13e2dab: Waiting
16f7fc2f4041: Waiting
a57f28552d00: Waiting
15916a77a3c5: Waiting
c9b015a2c4fc: Waiting
01567be6f79d: Waiting
bee09e25d3d7: Waiting
ea5f3f9c0e7c: Waiting
3ad290f5cd93: Waiting
6244d38a1023: Waiting
5b64eadb79b8: Waiting
1fde161582cb: Waiting
e2f443a9e09f: Waiting
920a6635edf3: Waiting
c36b8e489a57: Waiting
39e6370b6362: Waiting
34ae9ea0abf0: Waiting
9a036cb14744: Waiting
75929270e8f3: Waiting
3c9e85edb74a: Waiting
b3a5a38530e7: Waiting
f13de0077fbe: Waiting
3af3c70f1eb2: Waiting
bd7514f5dde5: Waiting
3f4f6803ad38: Waiting
8461fed173b7: Waiting
a3ed95caeb02: Verifying Checksum
a3ed95caeb02: Download complete
d5f67f43be07: Verifying Checksum
d5f67f43be07: Download complete
8351fec717c5: Verifying Checksum
8351fec717c5: Download complete
802b00ed6f79: Verifying Checksum
802b00ed6f79: Download complete
a57f28552d00: Verifying Checksum
a57f28552d00: Download complete
7a82d620a440: Verifying Checksum
7a82d620a440: Download complete
042a77d49c1e: Verifying Checksum
042a77d49c1e: Download complete
4cc1e66ad522: Verifying Checksum
4cc1e66ad522: Download complete
9a20a4eabc85: Verifying Checksum
9a20a4eabc85: Download complete
f22a37f70d43: Download complete
59e5725a1a64: Verifying Checksum
59e5725a1a64: Download complete
bee09e25d3d7: Verifying Checksum
bee09e25d3d7: Download complete
3ad290f5cd93: Verifying Checksum
3ad290f5cd93: Download complete
13d9413eb3c9: Verifying Checksum
13d9413eb3c9: Download complete
4a22d1232f17: Download complete
78c24e1d756e: Download complete
4e28654724da: Verifying Checksum
4e28654724da: Download complete
0ea80c9d0d14: Verifying Checksum
0ea80c9d0d14: Download complete
a35be11fa2b6: Verifying Checksum
a35be11fa2b6: Download complete
0391ad995703: Download complete
88a1cf9276b2: Verifying Checksum
88a1cf9276b2: Download complete
b3a5a38530e7: Verifying Checksum
b3a5a38530e7: Download complete
802b00ed6f79: Pull complete
0043a1641b0b: Download complete
a3ed95caeb02: Pull complete
d5f67f43be07: Pull complete
08063e6a3b02: Verifying Checksum
08063e6a3b02: Download complete
16f7fc2f4041: Verifying Checksum
16f7fc2f4041: Download complete
15916a77a3c5: Verifying Checksum
15916a77a3c5: Download complete
c9b015a2c4fc: Verifying Checksum
c9b015a2c4fc: Download complete
2deff63c66e8: Verifying Checksum
2deff63c66e8: Download complete
ea5f3f9c0e7c: Download complete
6244d38a1023: Verifying Checksum
6244d38a1023: Download complete
920a6635edf3: Verifying Checksum
920a6635edf3: Download complete
e2f443a9e09f: Verifying Checksum
e2f443a9e09f: Download complete
c36b8e489a57: Download complete
1fde161582cb: Verifying Checksum
1fde161582cb: Download complete
720bf13e2dab: Verifying Checksum
720bf13e2dab: Download complete
5b64eadb79b8: Verifying Checksum
5b64eadb79b8: Download complete
01567be6f79d: Download complete
8461fed173b7: Verifying Checksum
8461fed173b7: Download complete
9a036cb14744: Verifying Checksum
9a036cb14744: Download complete
3c9e85edb74a: Verifying Checksum
3c9e85edb74a: Download complete
f13de0077fbe: Download complete
3f4f6803ad38: Download complete
39e6370b6362: Verifying Checksum
39e6370b6362: Download complete
34ae9ea0abf0: Verifying Checksum
34ae9ea0abf0: Download complete
3af3c70f1eb2: Download complete
bd7514f5dde5: Download complete
75929270e8f3: Verifying Checksum
75929270e8f3: Download complete
f63d5f555796: Verifying Checksum
f63d5f555796: Download complete
f63d5f555796: Pull complete
8351fec717c5: Pull complete
a57f28552d00: Pull complete
7a82d620a440: Pull complete
042a77d49c1e: Pull complete
9a20a4eabc85: Pull complete
4cc1e66ad522: Pull complete
f22a37f70d43: Pull complete
59e5725a1a64: Pull complete
bee09e25d3d7: Pull complete
3ad290f5cd93: Pull complete
13d9413eb3c9: Pull complete
4a22d1232f17: Pull complete
78c24e1d756e: Pull complete
0ea80c9d0d14: Pull complete
4e28654724da: Pull complete
a35be11fa2b6: Pull complete
0391ad995703: Pull complete
b3a5a38530e7: Pull complete
88a1cf9276b2: Pull complete
08063e6a3b02: Pull complete
0043a1641b0b: Pull complete
2deff63c66e8: Pull complete
16f7fc2f4041: Pull complete
15916a77a3c5: Pull complete
c9b015a2c4fc: Pull complete
ea5f3f9c0e7c: Pull complete
6244d38a1023: Pull complete
5b64eadb79b8: Pull complete
920a6635edf3: Pull complete
e2f443a9e09f: Pull complete
c36b8e489a57: Pull complete
1fde161582cb: Pull complete
720bf13e2dab: Pull complete
01567be6f79d: Pull complete
8461fed173b7: Pull complete
9a036cb14744: Pull complete
3c9e85edb74a: Pull complete
f13de0077fbe: Pull complete
3f4f6803ad38: Pull complete
75929270e8f3: Pull complete
39e6370b6362: Pull complete
34ae9ea0abf0: Pull complete
3af3c70f1eb2: Pull complete
bd7514f5dde5: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:e6f0b90479ff2ea2821951492f8aa29e616fe81f40419001325c7f58560bc114
Status: Downloaded newer image for registry.prod.codeclimate.net/codeclimate/codeclimate-structure:b1537
docker pull registry.prod.codeclimate.net/codeclimate/codeclimate-duplication:b1194
b1194: Pulling from codeclimate/codeclimate-duplication
be8881be8156: Pulling fs layer
a3ed95caeb02: Pulling fs layer
b48068135ee8: Pulling fs layer
ae1b55f024b1: Pulling fs layer
6f740d0522ac: Pulling fs layer
b41b6f1b5443: Pulling fs layer
73ad1c73069a: Pulling fs layer
bd3c952a7b55: Pulling fs layer
517f8d87afc0: Pulling fs layer
3b15e5686eca: Pulling fs layer
56c8a1afb315: Pulling fs layer
bedabba02a0e: Pulling fs layer
cd72d8af5337: Pulling fs layer
d30dbe85d092: Pulling fs layer
85c3a26ee90a: Pulling fs layer
011f46571a10: Pulling fs layer
104c61d9bed9: Pulling fs layer
0d7eb82823b0: Pulling fs layer
47dec36717ad: Pulling fs layer
938170e51a64: Pulling fs layer
13323a75a80f: Pulling fs layer
211e9bbfbe79: Pulling fs layer
1d7a2a2b862a: Pulling fs layer
169151d4490c: Pulling fs layer
c2df740cb5e8: Pulling fs layer
e5e7289c0972: Pulling fs layer
51171b5718a3: Pulling fs layer
e7f362e29f5b: Pulling fs layer
76a0a48d0e5e: Pulling fs layer
ec8af605c2b3: Pulling fs layer
19c5c6a478e9: Pulling fs layer
8c492be2e9f1: Pulling fs layer
23cd489384fd: Pulling fs layer
0775f16515c8: Pulling fs layer
9f8ffdaad99c: Pulling fs layer
d1bf773c1252: Pulling fs layer
ae1b55f024b1: Waiting
35ff3cd56458: Pulling fs layer
437c75bc42f3: Pulling fs layer
0417bfa73343: Pulling fs layer
6f740d0522ac: Waiting
fcad30c8bfc5: Pulling fs layer
d11a8cd3f0b9: Pulling fs layer
b41b6f1b5443: Waiting
8249bc0574ed: Pulling fs layer
fddd70d15521: Pulling fs layer
9a11cfd100c5: Pulling fs layer
73ad1c73069a: Waiting
bd3c952a7b55: Waiting
56c8a1afb315: Waiting
517f8d87afc0: Waiting
cd72d8af5337: Waiting
bedabba02a0e: Waiting
b0d6738c29d9: Pulling fs layer
18bb9101aad7: Pulling fs layer
3b15e5686eca: Waiting
1d7a2a2b862a: Waiting
d30dbe85d092: Waiting
568bf39d97ae: Pulling fs layer
c060345f2354: Pulling fs layer
a09d56f83a00: Pulling fs layer
85c3a26ee90a: Waiting
169151d4490c: Waiting
6518c6b0fd02: Pulling fs layer
e7f362e29f5b: Waiting
011f46571a10: Waiting
c2df740cb5e8: Waiting
76a0a48d0e5e: Waiting
e5e7289c0972: Waiting
104c61d9bed9: Waiting
19c5c6a478e9: Waiting
8c492be2e9f1: Waiting
0d7eb82823b0: Waiting
ec8af605c2b3: Waiting
51171b5718a3: Waiting
23cd489384fd: Waiting
0775f16515c8: Waiting
211e9bbfbe79: Waiting
9f8ffdaad99c: Waiting
47dec36717ad: Waiting
938170e51a64: Waiting
13323a75a80f: Waiting
d1bf773c1252: Waiting
a09d56f83a00: Waiting
6518c6b0fd02: Waiting
18bb9101aad7: Waiting
35ff3cd56458: Waiting
b0d6738c29d9: Waiting
568bf39d97ae: Waiting
437c75bc42f3: Waiting
c060345f2354: Waiting
d11a8cd3f0b9: Waiting
0417bfa73343: Waiting
9a11cfd100c5: Waiting
fcad30c8bfc5: Waiting
fddd70d15521: Waiting
8249bc0574ed: Waiting
a3ed95caeb02: Verifying Checksum
a3ed95caeb02: Download complete
b48068135ee8: Download complete
6f740d0522ac: Download complete
be8881be8156: Verifying Checksum
be8881be8156: Download complete
73ad1c73069a: Verifying Checksum
73ad1c73069a: Download complete
b41b6f1b5443: Download complete
bd3c952a7b55: Download complete
517f8d87afc0: Verifying Checksum
517f8d87afc0: Download complete
3b15e5686eca: Verifying Checksum
3b15e5686eca: Download complete
56c8a1afb315: Download complete
bedabba02a0e: Verifying Checksum
bedabba02a0e: Download complete
d30dbe85d092: Verifying Checksum
d30dbe85d092: Download complete
cd72d8af5337: Verifying Checksum
cd72d8af5337: Download complete
85c3a26ee90a: Verifying Checksum
85c3a26ee90a: Download complete
011f46571a10: Verifying Checksum
011f46571a10: Download complete
104c61d9bed9: Verifying Checksum
104c61d9bed9: Download complete
47dec36717ad: Verifying Checksum
47dec36717ad: Download complete
be8881be8156: Pull complete
0d7eb82823b0: Verifying Checksum
0d7eb82823b0: Download complete
a3ed95caeb02: Pull complete
b48068135ee8: Pull complete
13323a75a80f: Verifying Checksum
13323a75a80f: Download complete
938170e51a64: Verifying Checksum
938170e51a64: Download complete
211e9bbfbe79: Download complete
1d7a2a2b862a: Download complete
c2df740cb5e8: Download complete
e5e7289c0972: Verifying Checksum
e5e7289c0972: Download complete
51171b5718a3: Verifying Checksum
51171b5718a3: Download complete
e7f362e29f5b: Download complete
76a0a48d0e5e: Verifying Checksum
76a0a48d0e5e: Download complete
ec8af605c2b3: Download complete
19c5c6a478e9: Verifying Checksum
19c5c6a478e9: Download complete
169151d4490c: Download complete
23cd489384fd: Download complete
0775f16515c8: Verifying Checksum
0775f16515c8: Download complete
8c492be2e9f1: Verifying Checksum
8c492be2e9f1: Download complete
d1bf773c1252: Verifying Checksum
d1bf773c1252: Download complete
9f8ffdaad99c: Download complete
35ff3cd56458: Verifying Checksum
35ff3cd56458: Download complete
437c75bc42f3: Verifying Checksum
437c75bc42f3: Download complete
0417bfa73343: Verifying Checksum
0417bfa73343: Download complete
d11a8cd3f0b9: Verifying Checksum
d11a8cd3f0b9: Download complete
fcad30c8bfc5: Verifying Checksum
8249bc0574ed: Download complete
fddd70d15521: Download complete
b0d6738c29d9: Verifying Checksum
b0d6738c29d9: Download complete
18bb9101aad7: Download complete
568bf39d97ae: Verifying Checksum
568bf39d97ae: Download complete
c060345f2354: Verifying Checksum
c060345f2354: Download complete
a09d56f83a00: Download complete
6518c6b0fd02: Download complete
9a11cfd100c5: Verifying Checksum
9a11cfd100c5: Download complete
ae1b55f024b1: Download complete
ae1b55f024b1: Pull complete
6f740d0522ac: Pull complete
b41b6f1b5443: Pull complete
73ad1c73069a: Pull complete
bd3c952a7b55: Pull complete
517f8d87afc0: Pull complete
3b15e5686eca: Pull complete
56c8a1afb315: Pull complete
bedabba02a0e: Pull complete
cd72d8af5337: Pull complete
d30dbe85d092: Pull complete
85c3a26ee90a: Pull complete
011f46571a10: Pull complete
104c61d9bed9: Pull complete
0d7eb82823b0: Pull complete
47dec36717ad: Pull complete
938170e51a64: Pull complete
13323a75a80f: Pull complete
211e9bbfbe79: Pull complete
1d7a2a2b862a: Pull complete
169151d4490c: Pull complete
c2df740cb5e8: Pull complete
e5e7289c0972: Pull complete
51171b5718a3: Pull complete
e7f362e29f5b: Pull complete
76a0a48d0e5e: Pull complete
ec8af605c2b3: Pull complete
19c5c6a478e9: Pull complete
8c492be2e9f1: Pull complete
23cd489384fd: Pull complete
0775f16515c8: Pull complete
9f8ffdaad99c: Pull complete
d1bf773c1252: Pull complete
35ff3cd56458: Pull complete
437c75bc42f3: Pull complete
0417bfa73343: Pull complete
fcad30c8bfc5: Pull complete
d11a8cd3f0b9: Pull complete
8249bc0574ed: Pull complete
fddd70d15521: Pull complete
9a11cfd100c5: Pull complete
b0d6738c29d9: Pull complete
18bb9101aad7: Pull complete
568bf39d97ae: Pull complete
c060345f2354: Pull complete
a09d56f83a00: Pull complete
6518c6b0fd02: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:511c1dd2582d3c1d2d455ca6ded26a53efbdfac5f05aa97f65b241e5b6d3f67a
Status: Image is up to date for registry.prod.codeclimate.net/codeclimate/codeclimate-duplication:b1194
docker pull registry.prod.codeclimate.net/codeclimate/codeclimate-brakeman:b809
b809: Pulling from codeclimate/codeclimate-brakeman
ff3a5c916c92: Pulling fs layer
b2c955d3d077: Pulling fs layer
958c5b39b153: Pulling fs layer
dfbda51d9cf2: Pulling fs layer
e66a07bba322: Pulling fs layer
cf7f097ebdd1: Pulling fs layer
8957a48b228b: Pulling fs layer
c815e97f53ae: Pulling fs layer
461645ba8c70: Pulling fs layer
cf7f097ebdd1: Waiting
dfbda51d9cf2: Waiting
8957a48b228b: Waiting
c815e97f53ae: Waiting
461645ba8c70: Waiting
e66a07bba322: Waiting
ff3a5c916c92: Verifying Checksum
ff3a5c916c92: Download complete
b2c955d3d077: Verifying Checksum
b2c955d3d077: Download complete
dfbda51d9cf2: Verifying Checksum
dfbda51d9cf2: Download complete
e66a07bba322: Verifying Checksum
e66a07bba322: Download complete
ff3a5c916c92: Pull complete
cf7f097ebdd1: Verifying Checksum
cf7f097ebdd1: Download complete
958c5b39b153: Verifying Checksum
958c5b39b153: Download complete
8957a48b228b: Verifying Checksum
8957a48b228b: Download complete
b2c955d3d077: Pull complete
461645ba8c70: Verifying Checksum
461645ba8c70: Download complete
c815e97f53ae: Verifying Checksum
c815e97f53ae: Download complete
958c5b39b153: Pull complete
dfbda51d9cf2: Pull complete
e66a07bba322: Pull complete
cf7f097ebdd1: Pull complete
8957a48b228b: Pull complete
c815e97f53ae: Pull complete
461645ba8c70: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:22a9cec46c202380b8e08dbc19ab01ba4ca89e2dfe3edbcd983a623a259478aa
Status: Downloaded newer image for registry.prod.codeclimate.net/codeclimate/codeclimate-brakeman:b809
docker pull registry.prod.codeclimate.net/codeclimate/codeclimate-bundler-audit:b211
b211: Pulling from codeclimate/codeclimate-bundler-audit
ab3d5dc0b96d: Pulling fs layer
a3ed95caeb02: Pulling fs layer
ed4f6a8e2c40: Pulling fs layer
7bb1d1101846: Pulling fs layer
0c3da9d3b9f6: Pulling fs layer
30f7422f69fb: Pulling fs layer
b62b2d492676: Pulling fs layer
de193ffbeed7: Pulling fs layer
c7e9c04341b7: Pulling fs layer
9c24aeaed199: Pulling fs layer
3dbeaecc6f39: Pulling fs layer
0c3da9d3b9f6: Waiting
30f7422f69fb: Waiting
b62b2d492676: Waiting
de193ffbeed7: Waiting
c7e9c04341b7: Waiting
9c24aeaed199: Waiting
3dbeaecc6f39: Waiting
7bb1d1101846: Waiting
ed4f6a8e2c40: Download complete
ab3d5dc0b96d: Download complete
a3ed95caeb02: Verifying Checksum
a3ed95caeb02: Download complete
0c3da9d3b9f6: Verifying Checksum
0c3da9d3b9f6: Download complete
ab3d5dc0b96d: Pull complete
30f7422f69fb: Verifying Checksum
30f7422f69fb: Download complete
a3ed95caeb02: Pull complete
b62b2d492676: Verifying Checksum
b62b2d492676: Download complete
7bb1d1101846: Verifying Checksum
7bb1d1101846: Download complete
ed4f6a8e2c40: Pull complete
c7e9c04341b7: Verifying Checksum
c7e9c04341b7: Download complete
9c24aeaed199: Verifying Checksum
9c24aeaed199: Download complete
de193ffbeed7: Verifying Checksum
de193ffbeed7: Download complete
3dbeaecc6f39: Verifying Checksum
3dbeaecc6f39: Download complete
7bb1d1101846: Pull complete
0c3da9d3b9f6: Pull complete
30f7422f69fb: Pull complete
b62b2d492676: Pull complete
de193ffbeed7: Pull complete
c7e9c04341b7: Pull complete
9c24aeaed199: Pull complete
3dbeaecc6f39: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:047c9d8116c8a051d37298a1c81b4ac4cb6a230fdee9d1770ef10f3d1d7054e5
Status: Downloaded newer image for registry.prod.codeclimate.net/codeclimate/codeclimate-bundler-audit:b211
docker pull registry.prod.codeclimate.net/codeclimate/codeclimate-rubocop:b373
b373: Pulling from codeclimate/codeclimate-rubocop
ab7e51e37a18: Pulling fs layer
a3ed95caeb02: Pulling fs layer
442b117d3b3d: Pulling fs layer
b55acd437fdd: Pulling fs layer
85b6435fbecb: Pulling fs layer
dae88c5227db: Pulling fs layer
488697fd6c5d: Pulling fs layer
8fcbcdc5ec3f: Pulling fs layer
e614deca59a8: Pulling fs layer
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Digest: sha256:143b71b19464a9a5eb02db5a17d67e9e44ac2215ee78bcfcf1452b354414c658
Status: Downloaded newer image for registry.prod.codeclimate.net/codeclimate/codeclimate-rubocop:b373
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Parser process id: 12
codeclimate-parser socket not present
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Parser process id: 12
codeclimate-parser socket not present
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brakeman engine documentation
bundler-audit engine documentation
rubocop engine documentation
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/usr/local/bundle/gems/rubocop-0.52.1/lib/rubocop/config.rb:510:in `check_target_ruby': Unknown Ruby version 2.6 found in `.ruby-version`. (RuboCop::ValidationError)
Supported versions: 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5
	from /usr/local/bundle/gems/rubocop-0.52.1/lib/rubocop/config.rb:313:in `validate'
	from /usr/local/bundle/gems/rubocop-0.52.1/lib/rubocop/config.rb:201:in `check'
	from /usr/local/bundle/gems/rubocop-0.52.1/lib/rubocop/config.rb:194:in `create'
	from /usr/local/bundle/gems/rubocop-0.52.1/lib/rubocop/config_loader.rb:48:in `load_file'
	from /usr/local/bundle/gems/rubocop-0.52.1/lib/rubocop/config_loader.rb:79:in `configuration_from_file'
	from /usr/local/bundle/gems/rubocop-0.52.1/lib/rubocop/config_store.rb:44:in `for'
	from /usr/src/app/lib/cc/engine/file_list_resolver.rb:38:in `rubocop_file_to_include?'
	from /usr/src/app/lib/cc/engine/file_list_resolver.rb:16:in `block in expanded_list'
	from /usr/src/app/lib/cc/engine/file_list_resolver.rb:13:in `each'
	from /usr/src/app/lib/cc/engine/file_list_resolver.rb:13:in `flat_map'
	from /usr/src/app/lib/cc/engine/file_list_resolver.rb:13:in `expanded_list'
	from /usr/src/app/lib/cc/engine/rubocop.rb:49:in `files_to_inspect'
	from /usr/src/app/lib/cc/engine/rubocop.rb:29:in `block in run'
	from /usr/src/app/lib/cc/engine/rubocop.rb:28:in `chdir'
	from /usr/src/app/lib/cc/engine/rubocop.rb:28:in `run'
	from /usr/src/app/bin/codeclimate-rubocop:17:in `<main>'