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Test Coverage
- version: unreleased
  - 'Support for associations :tada: (@ianks)'
- version: 0.8.0
  date: '2019-04-29'
  summary: As a consequence of these changes, with this release you can easily use
    `rom-http` along with repositories and changesets.
  - Support for relation schemas (solnic)
  - Support for auto-struct mapping (solnic)
  - Support for registering your own request/response handlers for all datasets from
    a specific gateway (solnic)
  - 'Built-in `JSON` handlers that you can set via `handlers: :json` gateway option
  - Convenient request method predicates `Dataset#{get?,post?,delete?,put?}` (solnic)
  - Updated to work with `rom ~> 5.0` (parndt)
  - Input/output data are now handled by core functionality using schema's `input_schema`
    and `output_schema` (solnic)
  - "`Dataset#name` was removed in favor of `Dataset#base_path`"
  - |-
    `Relation#append_path` no longer duplicates `base_path` (solnic)

      - Add Dataset#add_params(AMHOL)

      - Updated error messages (AMHOL)
      - updated to depend on ROM 4.0 (maximderbin)
      - Removed ruby 2.1 support (maximderbin)
      - Removed rbx-3 support (maximderbin)

      - Make schemas mandatory and use schema API from ROM core (AMHOL)
      - Generate transformer using schema (AMHOL)
      - Removed rbx-2 support (solnic)
      - Add Dataset#base_path and Relation#primary_key (AMHOL)
      - Updated to work with ROM 3.0 (maximderbin)
      - Removed ruby 2.1 support (maximderbin)
      - Fix Relation#primary_key when schema defines alias (AMHOL)
      - Transform keys on insert and update (maximderbin)
      - Remove `rom-support` dependency (maximderbin)

      - Removed ruby 2.0 support
      - Use `schema` API from ROM::Core.  Replaces old schema (solnic)
      - Now works out of the box with `rom-repository` (solnic)

      - updated to depend on the forthcoming rom 2.0 (cflipse)

      - replaced dry-data with dry-types  (Nikita Shilnikov <>)

      - schema support using `dry-data` (AMHOL)

      - Projections (`container.relation(:users).project(:id, :name)`) (AMHOL)

      - `ROM::HTTP::Dataset` macros for setting `default_request_handler` and `default_response_handler` (AMHOL)
- version: 0.7.0
  date: '2018-01-11'
- version: 0.6.0
  date: '2017-02-06'
- version: 0.5.0
  date: '2016-08-08'
- version: 0.4.0
  date: '2016-04-30'
- version: 0.3.0
  date: '2016-03-17'
- version: 0.2.0
  date: '2016-01-30'
- version: 0.1.2
  date: '2015-09-16'
- version: 0.1.1
  date: '2015-09-03'
  - "`ROM::HTTP::Gateway` tries to load the `Dataset` class lazily from the same namespace
    that the `Gateway` is defined in, with a fallback to `ROM::HTTP::Dataset`, making
    extending easier (AMHOL)"
  - "`ROM::HTTP::Gateway` no longer raises errors on missing configuration keys, these
    are now raised late in `Dataset` - this was to allow for the implementation of
    `default_request_handler` and `default_response_handler` (AMHOL)"
  - "`ROM::HTTP::Dataset` now uses `ROM::Options` from `rom-support`, adding typechecking
    to options and making it easier to define additional options in extensions"
- version: 0.1.0
  date: '2015-08-19'
  summary: First public release \o/