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# Contributing

RSpec is a community-driven project that has benefited from improvements from over *500* contributors.
We welcome contributions from *everyone*. While contributing, please follow the project [code of conduct](, so that everyone can be included.

If you'd like to help make RSpec better, here are some ways you can contribute:

  - by running RSpec HEAD to help us catch bugs before new releases
  - by [reporting bugs you encounter]( with [report template](#report-template)
  - by [suggesting new features](
  - by improving RSpec's [Relish]( or [API]( documentation
  - by improving [RSpec's website]( ([source](
  - by taking part in [feature and issue discussions](
  - by adding a failing test for reproducible [reported bugs](
  - by reviewing [pull requests]( and suggesting improvements
  - by [writing code]( (no patch is too small! fix typos or bad whitespace)

If you need help getting started, check out the [DEVELOPMENT]( file for steps that will get you up and running.

Thanks for helping us make RSpec better!

## `Small` issues

These issue are ones that we be believe are best suited for new contributors to
get started with. They represent a meaningful contribution to the project that
should not be too hard to pull off.

## Report template

Having a way to reproduce your issue will be very helpful for others to help confirm,
investigate and ultimately fix your issue. You can do this by providing an executable
test case. To make this process easier, we have prepared one basic
[bug report templates]( for you to use as a starting point.

## Maintenance branches

Maintenance branches are how we manage the different supported point releases
of RSpec. As such, while they might look like good candidates to merge into
master, please do not open pull requests to merge them.