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# Contributing to Grape-Swagger

This project is work of [many contributors](
You're encouraged to submit [pull requests](,
[propose features and discuss issues](
When in doubt, ask a question in the [Grape Google Group](

In the examples below, substitute your Github username for `contributor` in URLs.

## Fork the Project

Fork the [project on Github]( and check out your copy.

git clone
cd grape-swagger
git remote add upstream

## Create a Topic Branch

Make sure your fork is up-to-date and create a topic branch for your feature or bug fix.

git checkout master
git pull upstream master
git checkout -b my-feature-branch

## Bundle Install and Test

Ensure that you can build the project and run tests.

bundle install
bundle exec rake

## Write Tests

Try to write a test that reproduces the problem you're trying to fix or describes a feature that you want to build.
Add to [spec](spec).

We definitely appreciate pull requests that highlight or reproduce a problem, even without a fix.

## Write Code

Implement your feature or bug fix.

Ruby style is enforced with [RuboCop](
Run `bundle exec rubocop` and fix any style issues highlighted.

Make sure that `bundle exec rake` completes without errors.

## Write Documentation

Document any external behavior in the [README](

## Update Changelog

Add a line to [CHANGELOG]( under *Next Release*.
Make it look like every other line, including your name and link to your Github account.

## Commit Changes

Make sure git knows your name and email address:

git config --global "Your Name"
git config --global ""

Writing good commit logs is important. A commit log should describe what changed and why.

git add ...
git commit

## Push

git push origin my-feature-branch

## Make a Pull Request

Go to and select your feature branch.
Click the 'Pull Request' button and fill out the form. Pull requests are usually reviewed within a few days.

## Rebase

If you've been working on a change for a while, rebase with upstream/master.

git fetch upstream
git rebase upstream/master
git push origin my-feature-branch -f

## Update CHANGELOG Again

Update the [CHANGELOG]( with the pull request number. A typical entry looks as follows.

* [#123]( Reticulated splines - [@contributor](

Amend your previous commit and force push the changes.

git commit --amend
git push origin my-feature-branch -f

## Check on Your Pull Request

Go back to your pull request after a few minutes and see whether it passed muster with GitHub Actions. Everything should look green, otherwise fix issues and amend your commit as described above.

## Be Patient

It's likely that your change will not be merged and that the nitpicky maintainers will ask you to do more, or fix seemingly benign problems. Hang on there!

## Thank You

Please do know that we really appreciate and value your time and work. We love you, really.