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If you don't follow the issue template, your issue may be closed.
Please note this is an issue tracker, not a support forum.
For general questions, please use StackOverflow or Slack.

## Issue Description

### What are you doing?

We have a repository dedicated to make it easy for you to create an SSCCE.
Please consider using it, everyone wins!

**Here is the link to the SSCCE for this issue:** LINK-HERE <!-- add a link to the SSCCE -->

If you don't want to use the SSCCE repository, you can also post a MINIMAL, SELF-CONTAINED code that reproduces the issue. It must be runnable by simply copying and pasting into an isolated JS file, except possibly for the database connection configuration.
Check or to learn more about SSCCE/MCVE/reprex.

// You can delete this code block if you have included a link to your SSCCE above!

### What do you expect to happen?

<!-- Explain what behavior you wanted/expected. You may include an output. -->

_I wanted Foo!_

### What is actually happening?

<!-- Show what happened. You can skip this part if you included a link to an SSCCE above. -->

_The output was Bar!_

Output here

### Additional context

Add any other context or screenshots about the feature request here.

### Environment

- Sequelize version: XXX <!-- run `npm list sequelize` to obtain this -->
- Node.js version: XXX <!-- run `node -v` to obtain this -->
- Operating System: XXX
- If TypeScript related: TypeScript version: XXX

## Issue Template Checklist

<!-- Please answer the questions below. If you don't, your issue may be closed. -->

### How does this problem relate to dialects?

<!-- Choose one. -->

- [ ] I think this problem happens regardless of the dialect.
- [ ] I think this problem happens only for the following dialect(s): <!-- Put dialect(s) here -->
- [ ] I don't know, I was using PUT-YOUR-DIALECT-HERE, with connector library version XXX and database version XXX

### Would you be willing to resolve this issue by submitting a Pull Request?

<!-- Remember that first contributors are welcome! -->

- [ ] Yes, I have the time and I know how to start.
- [ ] Yes, I have the time but I don't know how to start, I would need guidance.
- [ ] No, I don't have the time, although I believe I could do it if I had the time...
- [ ] No, I don't have the time and I wouldn't even know how to start.